Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Office Chair Review: Remix by Modway

Modway Remix Chair ReviewModway Office Chair ReviewWhen it comes to cool and comfy office chairs, Modway knows their stuff. This reputable brand takes pride in crafting unique seating solutions that set new industry trends in motion. Take one look at their Remix chair and you'll see what we mean. This executive style office chair is ready, willing, and able to serve as the focal point of any workspace. But is it ready for the demands of the modern work day? Let's find out!

White Leather Office ChairStyle:

In truth, we wanted to review the Remix office chair from Modway because it's super fashionable. We've all seen our fair share of mesh back ergonomic chairs. They all tend to start looking the same after a while! Thankfully, brands like Modway are paving the way with hot new styles that show it's okay to think outside the box. Their Remix chair is a breath of fresh air in a world filled without overly similar seating. Even at first glance you'll be drawn in to give it a sit. The overstuffed tufted cushions and polished accents work together to create a swanky mid century vibe that's sure to earn any workspace the compliments it deserves.


Red Leather Office Chair
Let us start by saying that an office chair can be very comfortable without being overly ergonomic. That's definitely the case with the Remix chair. You won't find a ton of independently adjustable features found on this overstuffed executive style computer chair from Modway. That being said, it's thick cushions and generous dimensions are very accommodating. We especially love the thick padded arms. Without a ton of mechanism levers located underneath the seat, the Remix chair is very user friendly. Simply set it to your desired operating height and you're ready to roll.

Tufted Black Leather Office ChairApplications:

The EEI-276 model Remix chair is perfect for the executive office. It's thick stuffed cushions and polished accents really pop in high end settings. Additionally, it's easy to picture this popular tufted office chair stationed next to a home writing desk. It's price point and user friendly nature make it an excellent choice for home office applications. Lastly, the Remix is also a great option for professional conference and boardroom makeover projects. The generous dimensions and mid century flair will work together to keep your meeting area guests feeling impressed and comfortable.


The Modway Remix chair is an absolute bargain buy. We were blown away to find that it's currently available for just $315.99 in red, black, brown, and white color options. At this price point, it's obvious the chair isn't upholstered in genuine leather. That said, the chair surfaces are very easy to clean and durable. The Remix offers the style characteristics and features found on many chairs priced nearly three times as high. If you're looking to maximize your budget, give this popular office chair your full attention.


Modway Remix Chair RatingAfter a thorough review, we feel confident giving the Modway Remix series office chair a respectable 3 out of 5 star rating. It's fashionable, comfortable, and easy to use. While not intended for all-day intensive applications, the Remix is great for light work. If you're on the hunt for a stylish chair that's easy to use and sure to make an impression on your visitors, the Remix has you covered. However, if you're shopping for a chair to help you make it through the demands of the modern work day with a variety of adjustable features, you'll likely want to look elsewhere. All in all, the Remix is really cool and affordable. It's the perfect choice choice for home interiors!

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