Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Revive Your Boardroom with Global Total Office

Global Total Office Boardroom Solutions at OfficeAnything.comWhen it comes to professional boardroom furniture and seating, Global Total Office knows their stuff! This industry leading manufacturer specializes in the provision of high quality tables and the ergonomic seating solutions needed keep your valued visitors operating at peak performance levels. Today on the blog, we'll highlight the best selling Global products specifically designed to revive your boardroom. Enjoy!

Global Total Office Zira Boardroom Furniture at OfficeAnything.comThis year, Global Total Office boardroom furniture from the incredibly versatile Zira collection has set the industry standard. This revolutionary line of powered tables and accessories is the best in the business. Zira tables are available in a wide range of size, shape, and finish options to meet the needs of boardrooms small and large. The modernized tables from this collection can be given a major boost with the addition of power modules equipped with USB, HDMI, and other essential surface level input options. When paired with cutting edge presentation boards, beverage stations, and other awesome accessories, there's absolutely no better boardroom collection on the market.

Global Total Office Alba Conference Table at OfficeAnything.comLooking to create a cool boardroom on a budget? Global has you covered! The tables from their Alba collection will help you revive your space without breaking the bank. Alba series boardroom tables are available with rectangular, racetrack, and even elliptical surfaces that are complimented by industrial metal legs for superior style and durability. The Alba collection is an absolute winner with it's array of more than 20 laminate finish options.

Global Total Office Bungee Table Set at OfficeAnything.comGet a 2 for 1 makeover with the tables from the Global Total Office Bungee collection. As space is always at a premium, Bungee will help you combine conference and training areas with unrivaled modular benefits. Interior design teams and businesses alike love the popular modular conference table sets from the Bungee collection as they help create incredibly versatile multi purpose collaboration areas that can't be beat.

Global Total Office Boardroom Seating at OfficeAnything.comOnce you've selected a table to revive your boardroom, it's time to further enhance your corporate gathering area with the addition of comfortable seating. The boardroom seating from Global Total Office provided in 2016 is the best in the biz. Chairs like the Aspen make it easy to kick conference room appeal and comfort into overdrive. These contemporary leather boardroom chairs can be designed in custom two-tone upholstery options that will set your space apart from the competition. The chairs from the Global Aspen collection also pack a major ergonomic punch with multi functional mechanisms and adjustable arms!

Global Total Office Karizma Chairs at OfficeAnything.comIn addition to the chairs from the Aspen collection, Global is ready to rock your meeting area with the Karizma seating collection. A long time favorite for conference and boardroom makeover projects, Karizma chairs combine form and function to help businesses craft comfortable interiors with out of this world style. As the days of using bulky, overstuffed conference room executive chairs have come to an end, new styles like those from the Karizma collection have taken over. With these designer seating solutions you'll be able to maximize the number of guests that can sit around your table without sacrificing that upscale executive look you need to earn your interior the compliments it deserves. Karizma series chairs are available in a wide range of attractive fabric and leather upholstery options to help revive your space with a look that showcases your business personality.

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