Tuesday, August 23, 2016

7 Ways To Take Your Lobby To A Whole New Level

Get ready to rock your office lobby makeover project! Today on the OfficeFurnitureDeals.com blog we're highlighting the hottest remodeling trends of the year. With the innovative new products from brands like OFM, Mayline, and Global Total Office you'll be able to leave a lasting impression on your valued visitors without breaking the bank. Let's check out the cutting edge ideas and workplace solutions that are making it easy for businesses to think outside the box with their professional waiting areas.

Lobby Remodeling Trends of 2016 by OfficeFurnitureDeals.comThis year, it's all about two tone upholstery options. The days of getting away with traditional black chairs are coming to an end. In this modern era, two tone sofas and reception chairs are rapidly becoming the industry standard. Check out the Uno and Recoil series chairs from OFM to see what we mean!

Mayline Tablet Chairs at OfficeAnything.comProvide your guests with a little something extra by incorporating tablet arm seating into your lounge and lobby area! Tablet arm chairs allow guests to work comfortably while they wait without using their knees as an operating surface. Tablet chairs like the Santa Cruz from Mayline are an absolute must consider for any business looking to create a cool lobby that's up to date with the years hottest trends.

Powered Lobby Furniture at OfficeFurnitureDeals.comTake a moment to look out into your lobby. The odds are, you're seeing multiple guests using their devices while they wait. As well all know, battery life is precious! To improve the guest waiting experience, trend setting furniture manufacturers are introducing powered seating outfitted with USB and AC input options. Your lobby guests will feel a bit out of place hunting down a wall outlet when they visit. With powered chairs, they won't have to. This is one trend that's most definitely here to stay.

Lobby with Flat Screen TV'sThe say the difference is in the details. We couldn't agree more! The add-ons and accents incorporated into your space will work together to wow your guests. We suggest getting rid of that old school corner mounted TV and replacing it with a wall mounted flat screen. To put it simply, older TV's make your lobby look dated and the picture quality is awful. In 2016 you can pick up an awesome 40" flat screen for less than $300.00 and any big box store. An articulating screen mounting system will allow your visitors to adjust the angle of the TV to enjoy an awesome viewing experience while they wait for their important appointment.

Global Total Office River Lounge FurnitureGet outside the ordinary concept of a sofa and two lounge chairs. Kick up corporate appeal by going modular instead. Brands like Global Total Office are making it easy to create one of a kind seating layouts with modern collections like River. The lobby furniture and seating components from this line are unlike anything on the market. With River you'll be able to quickly and easily outfit waiting areas both small and large with incredible configurations unlike anything you've ever seen. Utilizing modular seating will show your visitors just how far behind you're leaving the competition.

OFM Contour Series Chair with Storage ShelfThis year we're seeing a huge increase in the number of chairs available on the market with lower level storage shelves. As space is always at a premium, outfitting your lobby with chairs that can double as magazine holders is just plain smart. It's also very cool! Don't leave tables strewn across your coffee table. Keep your space look nice and neat by storing them properly underneath chairs like the Contour from OFM.

Lobby Remodeling Ideas for 2016If you're not loving the look of chairs with storage, at least consider purchasing accent tables with built in shelves. This popular trend will provide your business with yet another smart way to save space while simultaneously improving appeal. You want your lobby to look clean and professional for every guest. Tables like the 3880 model from the Wind Linear collection showcase this booming trend to perfect. With a blend of contemporary and retro stylings, the 3880 table is an awesome option for any upscale lobby remodeling project.

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