Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Office Design 2016: A Look Back At The Summers Hottest Products

As Summer winds to an end and Fall begins, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at the products that rocked professional interiors! This season brands like Offices To Go, Mayline, and OFM truly raised the bar. With trend setting new office chairs, executive furniture collections, and more hitting the market, the Summer of 2016 was absolutely awesome.

1.) Offices To Go Seating

The Hottest Office Products of The Summer Season by OfficeAnything.com

Just a few short weeks ago, Offices To Go stepped it up big time with the release of more than 10 new chairs. Models like the OTG2913 are packed with ergonomic features and the trend setting design characteristics needed to kick corporate appeal into overdrive without breaking the bank.

2.) Mayline Sterling Collection

Mayline Sterling Reception Desks at OfficeAnything.com

There's been a ton of buzz around the Mayline Medina collection, but this season, Sterling started to cement it's place as one of the hottest lines on the market. The Mayline Sterling series reception desk models available this summer became a favorite of design teams and industry professionals alike. With glass accents and contemporary finish options, Sterling is sure to continue it's dominance in the Fall.

3.) OFM Endure Tables

OFM Endure Tables

The OFM Endure table collection rocked the Summer season. If you're looking to think outside the box with your makeover, these tables are the way to go. With the perfect blend of retro, industrial, and modern, the Endure collection has a little something for everybody. The powered surfaces and standing height design make Endure tables the perfect option for modern bistro, cafeteria, and break room remodeling projects.

4.) ESI Ergorise Stations

ESI Ergorise Sit To Stand Stations

Versatile, functional, and affordable! Make the switch to a sit to stand workstation from the ESI Ergorise collection and promote continuous movement while reducing fatigue and improving blood flow.

5.) Global Total Office INstock Program

Global Total Office Princeton Desk

Now shoppers in a hurry can take advantage of the incredible furniture and seating solutions crafted by Global Total Office. This season, Global's INstock program skyrocketed into popularity with quick shipping Princeton series desks and popular chairs from collections like Accord. If you're up against a tight office remodeling deadline, give Global's new INstock offering your full attention.

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