Monday, March 17, 2014

7 Ways to Boost Conference Room Appeal

A professional meeting area should be designed around efficiency and impressing valued clientele. In today's article we'll highlight 7 great ways to help you do just that. From powering up your space to using ergo friendly seating for guests, this post is a must read for those taking on a conference room makeover project!

1.) Power Up

Conference Room Furniture with Power

The used of high tech conference room furniture is at an all time high and a great way to boost appeal. In fact, the industries top manufacturers are retro fitting a wide variety of tables to accommodate power modules for improved meeting area efficiency. Long time boardroom favorites like the Mayline ACTB6 Aberdeen 6' Conference Table can now be purchased with affordable power units that offer two 3 prong outlets and two data ports. Power up your space and improve your meeting area efficiency!

2.) Metal Is In

Metal Leg Conference Table

The use of metal tones in the workplace is incredibly popular. This industrial style look adds a touch of contemporary flair to any meeting area. In 2014, those looking to boost conference  room appeal will want to capitalize on the growing trend of metal leg conference table solutions. Brands like Global Total Office, OFM, and Mayline all offer stylish tables that incorporate this booming trend.

3.) Dark Wood Tones

Dark Conference Table

Finishes like espresso and mocha are a great way to enhance your conference room area in 2014. These popular tones show minimal wear while adding a modern touch that's sure to be complimented by guests. Collections like Aberdeen, Verde, and Zira all offer popular conference room tables for sale in these trendy color options.

4.) Popular Visual Aids

Presentation Aids

Popular visual aids like lecterns, presentation boards, and even televisions are sure to enhance your boardroom appeal while simultaneously improving the quality of your meetings. Full service lines like those mentioned in point 3 all include matching visual aids for meeting area applications that should be considered and budgeted for with any conference room makeover. The little details can definitely make the biggest difference!

5.) Get Organized

Those looking to leave a lasting impression on their clientele will want to be supremely organized. A nice and neat space with purpose shows professionalism that's sure to be appreciated. If your meeting is based around a presentation, be sure to have a meeting agenda and layout waiting for every guest. This will prevent wasted time passing out materials. Adding conference room wall cabinets is also an excellent place to improve your office storage and prevents having to leave the room for odds and ends needed to make your meeting run smoothly. Keep your space ready to perform at the highest levels of productivity and you'll reap both aesthetic and time saving rewards!

6.) Minimize Distractions

Professional Conference Room

Simple things like a meeting in progress sign will boost the appeal of your space. Guests don't want to waste time with interruptions and constant walk ins. Many businesses will even go as far as sound proofing their meeting areas to improve focus and minimize unwanted distractions. While letting in natural light from surrounding windows isn't discourages, you may find your guests staring off instead of retaining the information your presenting. It's up to you just how far you want to go when minimizing distractions, but keep in mind that an appealing space is about more than just good looks. To make the best impression possible, you'll want your visitors maintaining all valued information you're intending to deliver.

7.) Provide Ergo Friendly Seating

Comfortable Conference Room Seating

The conference room makeover project starts with the table, but the chairs are the next step and should  not be undervalued. Providing yourself and your meeting guests with comfortable conference room seating is an absolute must. While some of the most trend setting new chairs on the market look fantastic, they are far from comfortable! Luckily, popular chairs like the 11890 Offices To Go High Back Tilter offer excellent comfort, user friendly features, and style at a price any budget will appreciate. Take your time when selecting conference chairs to ensure you'd be happy sitting in your product of choice for up to 5 hours at a time.

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