Thursday, August 11, 2016

Hot In August: Textured Sea Salt Furniture from Mayline

White Office Furniture at
Talk about cool! The all new textured sea salt finish option from Mayline is an absolute winner in the workplace. This trend setting tone available on products from the Medina collection has become an instant favorite of interior design teams and industry professionals alike. Today on the blog, we'll take a look at a few of the hottest new products available in this contemporary woodgrain finish. Enjoy!

Textured Sea Salt Medina Reception Desk at OfficeAnything.comImpress your valued visitors the moment they walk in the door! A textured sea salt finished Medina reception desk from Mayline will do the trick. These stylish guest welcoming stations are available in rectangular and L shaped variations that are perfectly complimented with glass transaction counters and silver accent trim.

White Office Desk at OfficeAnything.comThe white office furniture movement is in full swing. While other brands try to keep up, Mayline is busy paving the way with designer desk configurations from the Medina collection. Layouts like the MNT31 offer plenty of operating space that's sure to be appreciated by any modern executive. With an overhead hutch unit and storage pedestal, the MNT3 set makes it easy to stay organized. This textured sea salt workstation has wow factor to spare.

White Conference Table at
We can't say enough about the conference room tables from the Mayline Medina collection. If you're looking to create a high tech meeting area without breaking the bank, shift your attention to the textured sea salt finished boardroom tables available from Mayline. Models like the MNC8 are available for $528.99 and can be equipped with surface level power modules for an additional $235.00. Talk about value!

White Wall Cabinet at OfficeAnything.comThe best office remodeling projects always place a key emphasis on organization. The right combination of storage products will help you operate effectively and efficiently while maximizing visual appeal and floor space. With their roots in the filing industry, Mayline knows this better than any other brand. For this reason, collections like Medina offer the attractive wall cabinets, bookcases, and pedestals needed to complete your interiors the right way. Take one look at the textured sea salt MVLC wall cabinet and you'll see what we mean.

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