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Office Chair Review: OTG11786B by Offices To Go

Offices To Go Chair Review by
Offices To Go is the absolute best brand for discount seating that doesn't lack in terms of style and quality. Take one look at their new lineup of chairs and you'll see what we mean. Over the next few weeks we'll have the pleasure of testing many of their newest models, including the all new OTG11786B that's the topic of today's post. This super cool specialty chair was an absolute pleasure to review!

Offices To Go Model OTG11786B Chair at OfficeAnything.comStyle:

When we first saw the OTG11786B model office chair from Offices To Go, we were blown away. It's far different than the mesh back chairs they're known for. With distinctively bold characteristics, this new chair is a breath of fresh air in a world filled with similar seating styles that all start to run together. Upon closer inspector we were impressed by the flared seat and back contours. They provide a secure feeling when sitting and add to the modern look. When paired with the polished base, the OTG11786B makes a luxurious statement in any setting.

Offices To Go Specialty Tilter ChairErgonomics:

You won't find many ergonomic bells and whistles on the OTG11786B. If you're looking for a top of the line ergonomic office chair, this isn't the model for you. That being said, the single position tilt lock mechanism with tilt tension knob does make it easy to find a comfortable sit. With it's well padded seating surfaces, the OTG11786B provides a great deal of support for an office chair lacking the modern ergo attributes found on many of 2016's most popular models. All in all, the OTG11786B passes the sit test. That being said, with the seat and back flares we definitely recommend testing this chair in person. Some of our larger chair operators found them a bit restricting.

Contemporary Boardroom Seating at OfficeAnything.comApplications:

While referred to as a "specialty chair" by by Offices To Go, we consider it and ideal option for two main areas. In the executive office, the OTG11786B will make an impression on your valued visitors and earn your interior the compliments it deserves. We also feel this sleek new chair is a great fit in professional conference room settings. With cool color options like saddle, classic black, and charcoal gray available, the OTG11786B is the perfect addition to any modern meeting area looking to step away from the overly stuffed, bulky conference room models that dominated the market in years passed. If you're looking for a cool white boardroom chair to enhance your corporate gathering space, OTG has you covered. The white Luxhide option is our personal favorite and we recommend it for any business looking to match gray and espresso woodgrain tones.

White Boardroom Chair at OfficeAnything.comPrice:

At the everyday low price of just $202.99, the standard black Luxhide OTG11786B variation can be yours. That being said, we recommend paying the extra few bucks to step up to a unique color option. Charcoal gray, black, white, saddle, and other tones are available for $229.99. While we typically hate uncharges that don't reflect the upholstery grade, it's worth it in this case. Black chairs will always have their place, but for less than thirty dollars more you can really rock your interiors! The minimal investment will be recaptured with the positive impressions left on your important customers.


Offices To Go OTG11786B Chair Rating from
We give the new OTG11786B a respectable 3 out of 5 star rating. Our main deductions came due to a lack of overall adjustment features. We'd also like to see the chair be made available with an optional headrest to create a more upscale executive vibe. Overall, this Offices To Go seating solution is a winner in the workplace. For the money, it provides exception style and the quality craftsmanship needed to have your interiors looking ahead of the curve for years to come.

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