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How To Get A Great Deal On A New Office Chair

How To Get A Great Deal On A New Office Chair by OfficeAnything.com
When shopping for a new office chair, you'll be met with an overwhelming selection of models to choose from over a huge pricing span. That being said, we're here to help you maximize comfort without breaking the bank. Today on the OfficeAnything.com blog we're teaching the tips and tricks needed to get a great deal on a new office chair that works for your personal needs. Enjoy!

Set A Budget

It's always important to set a budget before starting the shopping process. To avoid overextended and splurging on a top of the line office chair that's out of your league, visit a showroom to get a good idea on pricing. You'll also be able to gather helpful literature and test popular chairs in person. Most quality ergonomic chairs are purchased in the three to five hundred dollar range. This is a respectable budget that will ensure you have the funds needed to buy a chair that's up to date with today's standards.

Research Trends

You don't need to follow every seating trend, but you should definitely research as many of them as possible. Knowing the hottest trends will help you select an awesome chair that's ready to kick comfort and interior appeal into overdrive. There's nothing worse than purchasing a product, only to find there's one you like more and missed when shopping! Researching 2016's most popular seating trends will ensure you shop chairs with the coolest features and benefits.

Know The Best Brands

When shopping for your new chair, you'll notice several similar styles and models from various brands. To avoid purchasing a cheap knock-off, do a little brand research to ensure you get the best value. You can't go wrong with office chairs from popular brands like Eurotech Seating, Global Total Office, Hermann Miller, and RFM Preferred Seating.

Read Reviews

If you purchase an office chair and end up disappointed, the odds are, you didn't read reviews beforehand! While comfort is most certainly in the eye of the beholder, reading reviews will give you a great idea of how hard a chair is to operate, as well as how well it's made. Reviews can be found on blogs like this one, manufacturer websites, and even YouTube! If you can't find a good review, have the manufacturer email you a copy of the owners manual. If you find it confusing, the odds are you won't like operating the chair during those buys days at the office.

Comparison Shop

So you've narrowed your search down to a specific chair, now what? It's time to comparison shop! We recommend Google Shopping. Simply type in the model of the chair you love in the Google search bar. If it's even a remotely popular chair, results will come up that can be sorted by price to help you get the best deal. You'll even be able to find reviews on the product and the dealer selling the chair.

Don't Be In A Rush

Shop for your new chair with ample time. If you don't "have to have a new chair this week", you'll be able to earn yourself a better deal. Take the time to sign up for various dealer newsletters. They'll likely send out monthly promotions to help you maximize your budget. If you're patient when selecting and purchasing your new chair, you'll be rewarded with an awesome deal you can be proud of. Those forced to shop for new furniture and seating in a hurry, typically overspend because of limited info.

Visit Coupon Sites

If you see a coupon or promo code entry field at checkout, don't breeze by it! The odds are, it's there for a reason. Check out a few coupon sites. We recommend RetailMeNot.com and DontPayFull.com. Simply use the search bar to find the dealer your looking to make a purchase through. If they don't have coupon codes listed, hope is not lost! The next tips is a must for any shopper looking to save.

Contact Dealers Directly

Always, always, always take the time to call the office chair provider before making a purchase. A quick phone call to inquire about saving opportunities may just yield big results. Ask about current specials, closeouts, and coupons you might have missed. You'll also get a great idea on the level of customer service they provide.

Don't Pay For Shipping

Skip the shipping costs! If you see a manufacturer charging shipping on an office chair, keep it moving! To name a few, brand likes Mayline, Offices To Go, Eurotech Seating, and Woodstock Marketing don't charge their dealers shipping. That being said, if you're seeing shipping charges on chairs from brands like these, it's a crafty attempt to try and up their margins. There's simply too many brands out their offering free shipping. Avoiding this charge should be a breeze and will help you further increase your savings.

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