Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Use Your Office Furniture To Improve Work Flow

Work flow is the stream of daily activities that result in increased productivity. A poor layout and inefficient furniture will restrict work flow while simultaneously restricting collaborative efforts amongst employees. Today on the blog we'll teach you how to improve work flow in the most common office areas by using today's top furniture and seating solutions.

Waiting Room

Efficient Guest Welcoming Station

You should always be on the lookout for new ways to improve the guest experience. After all, the waiting room is where first impressions are formed. To improve work flow in the waiting room, you need to avoid constricting your welcoming area with too many chairs and aesthetic accents. Strive for an open concept feel to further improve flow. Integrating tablet arms chairs and powered seating is also a great idea. Making it easy for guests to work while they wait an use their devices will give your reception area the edge. You also need to streamline the check in process. Have a system in place for guests that's quick, concise, and simplified. Needless to say, a well training receptionist equipped with a professional guest welcoming station is near priceless. Your receptionist needs to have important organizational tools at hand. A single file cabinet, just won't cut it. Consider integrating desk pedestals, a wall cabinet, and other innovative new products to boost storage.

Break Room

Cutting Edge Break Room

Sadly, the break room is often left out of the office remodeling budget. That being said, businesses that do invest in modern break room furniture are rewarded with improved work flow. This year, brands like OFM are paving the way in break room settings with innovative new tables like those from their Endure collection. An Endure series standing height table with powered surface and swivel out seats like the 9012 model will make it easy for employees to gather comfortably and strategize during down times. Often, the break room is where ideas are born! Don't let work flow suffer in this essential common area.

Private Office Interiors

Open Concept Executive Office

In your private office interiors, strive to maximize square footage to improve work flow. An overly furnished workspace will result in highly restricted work flow. Think about your current layout. Is it effective? How can it be improved? Any professional designer will tell you just how important it is to create an open feel with good flow. Depending on the size of your space, you'll want to be able to accommodate up to 3 visitors at a time. Any more than that, and it's time to take your meeting to the conference room. Using open concept office furniture from a collection like e5 by Mayline will help you generate good flow while simultaneously boosting corporate appeal. You'll need to analyze your interior to determine if a traditional executive style U shaped desk configuration, along the wall layout, or corner desk will be best for your personal needs.

Work Floor

Collaborative Office Benching System

The work floor is where the majority of day to day activities are handled. It's also where work flow is made or broken. Interiors with restricted flow are typically outfitted with traditional cubicle and panel furniture systems. Those with efficient flow are likely utilizing open concept benching and multi user workstations built for collaboration. Benching systems and open desking configurations from industry leading brands like Global Total Office encourage team interaction, streamline daily activities, and will help your employees kick productivity levels into overdrive.


Collaborative Boardroom Interior

Make the switch to modular boardroom furniture in 2017 to improve work flow. With powered modular tables your corporate gathering area will be on the cutting edge. Modular tables that connect can be used in limitless ways. When it comes to configuring your boardroom, you'll be at no shortage of innovative options. The ability to quickly change your layout to meet the needs of any task will greatly improve work flow. We highly recommend the flip top mobilized tables from the Global Bungee collection and Mayline Sync collection.

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