Thursday, March 2, 2017

8 Cool Ways To Decorate And Enhance Your Office Interior In 2017

Are you looking to jazz up your office interior in 2017? You're in the right place! We make it our mission to provide our readers with the design tips, decorating advice, and product suggestions needed to kick corporate appeal into over drive. Today on the blog we'll provide you with 8 awesome ways to decorate and enhance your workspace without breaking the bank.

1.) Fresh Paint

Popular Office Paint Colors

In terms of cost and appeal, it's hard to beat a fresh coat of paint. This year coastal paint colors like light grays, blues, and greens have been extremely popular. Before painting your office walls, be sure to cover your office furniture to avoid any unwanted spills and splatter.

2.) Industrial Lighting Fixtures

Industrial Office Lighting Fixtures

The industrial look is in! You can jump on board without breaking the budget by visiting your local salvage yard or flea market. Industrial lighting fixtures are typically made of metal. If you find a few that are a bit rusted, don't worry. They'll add a unique vibe to your interior that's sure to impress valued visitors. When accenting and accessorizing your office interior it's important to remember that you want your space to stand out while showcasing your personal style. Industrial lighting fixtures are the perfect way to do just that.

3.) Unique Wall Art

Cool Office Wall Art

Just about every office interior on the planet features some type of wall art. Wether it be framed family portraits, motivational posters, or metal sconces, the wall art you choose will say a lot about your personal style and workspace. Get a little inspiration before purchasing new wall art for your space. We recommend kicking those motivational posters to the curb and searching out unique pieces. Try visiting your local home store for ideas. You can also check out second hand thrift stores to find some hidden gems!

4.) Ergonomic Accessories

Ergonomic Office Accessories

You can simultaneously improve office decor and productivity with user friendly ergonomic products. We recommend starting with the big three; A retractable keyboard tray, dual screen monitor arm, and CPU holder. More advanced ergonomic accessories like a sit to stand desktop riser can also be integrated to promote a modern vibe while helping you reduce the need for extended computing sessions from the seated position.

5.) Greenery

Office Succulents

Make your office interior feel alive with a little bit of greenery! Adding some plant life in cool containers will make your space pop. In the long run, it's the little things that make the biggest difference. A potted plant seems a little simple, but in truth it will add to the overall statement made by your interior while simultaneously making you feel more relaxed when working. Succulents are a great way to go. They require minimal light and watering. Skip the faux dust collecting palm trees and give them a look at your local plant nursery.

6.) Chair Mat

Bamboo Office Chair Mat

Give your floors a break and integrate a cool chair mat in 2017. Brands like Anji Mountain offer unique bamboo mats that will help you decorate your interior while improving mobility. If you've invested money in a high end ergonomic office chair to keep you comfortable, you'll need a good chair mat to ensure it's able to move around your workstation effectively.

7.) Organizing Components

Office Organizing Hacks

It's hard to stay efficient if you're not well organized at work. That being said, you can decorate your office with unique office storage components to keep you at your best. This year, cushion top desk pedestals that double as stools have been incredibly popular because they can situated underneath work surfaces to save space when not in use. In addition, you can keep your important stationary items well organized by decorating mason jars that can be kept on your desk. Need a few more office organizing ideas? Check out social sharing sites like Pinterest. You'll be rewarded with limitless ways to improve storage and decor.

8.) Seasonal Accents

Seasonal Office Decorating Ideas

Last but certainly not least, don't be afraid to decorate your interior for seasonal events. During the summer, incorporate beach elements that promote a relaxed vibe. During the spring you can utilize bright greens and other colors that really pop. The holidays are easy to decorate for. There's literally thousands of great ways to seasonal decorate your office interior. Doing so will also help to keep your mind off work!

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