Friday, March 17, 2017

Craft Clean And Classy Office Interiors with Global Genoa Furniture

Global Genoa Furniture ReviewGlobal Total Office never fails to impress. This industry leader takes pride in crafting made to order furniture specifically designed to improve productivity while kicking corporate appeal into overdrive. Their Genoa collection is no exception. Today on the blog we'll highlighting the ultra clean and classy products from the Genoa line in all their glory. Prepare to be impressed!

Global Genoa Executive Furniture
It's all about modular functionality in 2017. As businesses strive to craft truly elite open concept interiors, lines like Genoa are answering the call. Unfortunately, today's top open concept office furniture collections with modular benefits are usually super modern. With Genoa, you can have the best of both worlds. This best selling line from Global offers an exceptional combination of modern and traditional attributes without being too over the top.

Genoa furniture is perfect for executive office remodeling projects. With an array of modular components, you can easily create an upscale work environment that maximizes appeal and square footage.

Global Genoa Desking
The Genoa line offers a choice of straight front and D-Island style office desks. The straight front desks from the Genoa collection are perfect for along-the-wall and corner office applications. The D-Island desks are ideal for group collaborating and strategizing sessions.

Looking to think outside the box with your work floor remodeling project? No problem. With Genoa, you can kick those old school privacy cubicles to the curb to promote collaboration. The vast selection of interchangeable modular components from this hot line makes it easier than ever to create multi user desk layouts that don't limit team interaction.

Global Genoa Storage Components
Many of today's top furniture lines are great to look at. Unfortunately, they provide little in terms of storage to keep you working at peak performance levels. This isn't the case with Genoa. Not by a long shot! With cool bookcases, desk pedestals, overhead hutch units, filing cabinets, and wall storage cabinets, you can set your interior up for organizational success. Global continually sets themselves apart from the competition. Their attention to detail is second to none. Collections like Genoa prove they're in a league of their own.

Global Genoa Furniture Collection RatingThe options are truly limitless with Genoa. You can really do it all with this classy collection from Global. With it's well rounded design characteristics, unique storage components, and modular capabilities, you can get the most out of your interiors without breaking the budget. We give this popular Global desking line a well deserved 4 out of 5 star rating.

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