Thursday, March 16, 2017

8 Corporate Remodeling Trends Sure To Be Trending This Spring

Open Concept Office Interior
Spring is just around the corner! If you're ready to kick this cold weather to the curb, you're not alone.  Today on the blog, we're taking a look ahead to help you keep your professional interiors up to date this season. Here we'll be showcasing 8 must know design trends that will take your work environments to the next level. From open concept deign strategies to modular lounge furniture, the Spring of 2017 is going to be very exciting in the corporate remodeling world.

1.) Open Concept Design

It's all about open concept design in 2017. The ability to make office interiors feel more open while simultaneously maximizing square footage is too much for the average business to pass up. If your work floor is still boxed in with traditional cubicle and panel furniture systems, it's time for an upgrade. Think outside the box with your corporate remodeling project this Spring and go with an open concept office design that promotes high end appeal and efficient work flow.

Collaborative Office Benching System2.) Collaborative Benching

We mentioned above that traditional cubicles are are being kicked to the curb. Businesses are upgrading their interiors with collaborative benching systems that promote team interaction. It's as simple as this, when employees work together, good ideas start to flow. While cubicles encourage privacy, modern multi user office benching systems from brands like Global Total Office encourage positive collaboration and streamlined functionality.

3.) Ribbed Back Conference Chairs

Ribbed Back Office Chair
Here's a trend that's been in full swing for a while. The ribbed back conference room seating movement is showing no signs of diminished popularity. As traditional executive style conference chairs take up too much space, European style ribbed back variations will help your business maximize the number of guests that can be accommodated around your boardroom table without sacrificing comfort and corporate appeal.

4.) White Office Furniture

White Office FurnitureIf you're tired of traditional furniture finish options like cherry and maple. Step outside the box this spring with ultra cool white office furniture. The use of white office furniture will make your interior look clean and sophisticated. White office components are modern without being too over the top. Once incorporated into your project, be sure to make your space stand out with an accenting office chair in a trendy color like red, bright green, or even gray!

5.) Sit To Stand Workstations

Sit To Stand Executive Desk
Sit to stand operating is the latest craze. If you're looking to hop on board with this trend, there's two main ways to do it. The first is with an electronic table or desk that raises and lowers at the push of a button. Brands like Mayline and Global Total Office offer the best options on the market. The second way is a bit more cost effective. It involves purchasing a sit to stand desktop riser that mounts on your existing workstation. We recommend the 5100 model from OFM. It's priced at $275.99 and doesn't lack in terms of quality.

Connectable Training Tables6.) Connectable Training Tables

Kick training room productivity and functionality into overdrive this season with connectable tables. The ability to create unique layouts to meet the needs of any task will have your training room ahead of the curve. Connectable training table collections like Bungee from Global Total Office and Mesa from OFM are a must consider.

7.) Powered Conference Tables

Here's a trend that's truly become the industry standard. Once thought of as high tech luxury items, powered conference tables are now being manufactured by nearly every reputable furniture brand on the planet. The popularity of conference room tables with powered surfaces has brought the price point way down. If you're still wheeling in that squeaky AV cart to host presentations, it's time to check out one of today's best selling powered conference tables. Rest assured, you'll be at no shortage of selection.
Modular Lounge Furniture Layout

8.) Modular Lounge Furniture

Last but certainly not least, it's time to start thinking outside the realm of traditional sofa and lounge chair configurations. This season, businesses looking to maximize floor space and improve the guest visiting experience will be making the switch to modular lounge seating layouts. Popular collections like Wind Linear and River from Global Total Office will provide you business with unrivaled versatility during the design and remodeling process.

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