Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Futuristic Office Chairs That Are Available TODAY!

Have you ever watched a cool Sci-Fi movie and thought, "I can't wait till that is available in real life" when you first see a cool blaster, sword, or hover board? Well when it comes to office chairs, you can! Today on the blog we'll be highlighting ultra cool and futuristic seating solutions crafted by the most innovative brands on the market. These next level chairs promote healthy operating and unrivaled appeal. Prepare to be impressed!

Futuristic Office ChairNearly a decade in the making, the RFM Preferred Seating Verte chair is about as futuristic as it gets. Even at first glance it's hard not to notice the innovative chair back that looks like something out of a Transformers movie. With 11 spring loaded torsion joints, the 22011 model Verte series high tech ergonomic executive chair was designed to take an exact impression of the spine to provide the ultimate sitting experience. If the average office chair just won't cut it, this innovative option from RFM has you covered. It's unlike anything on the market today.

Executive Recliner with Tablet ArmThe team at Eurotech Seating is always pushing the limits of innovation. Take one look at their Nuvem series executive recliner with tablet arm and you'll quickly see what we mean. With it's metal accents and sleek leather upholstery, this futuristic seating solution has wow factor to spare. The Nuvem is perfect for upscale home and business interiors. We've even seen businesses integrate these chairs into the waiting room to impress their valued visitors away!

Novello Office ChairUp next we've got a futuristic office chair that won't break the bank. The all new Novello series office chair designed by Alessandro Piretti is an absolute winner in the workplace. If you're looking to craft a cool modern workspace in 2017, you simply have to check out the 6400 model from this collection. It's completely customizable. With a limitless array of frame, base, and upholstery options the Novello is ready to transform your interior while simultaneously improving comfort for just $356.99.

Modway Pillow Series Modern Office ChairThe Modway EEI-274 Pillow series chair looks like it came right off of a space ship. With it's barrel shaped segmented cushions, this modern office chair boasts an inviting look that just has to be tested. While available in classic color options like black and brown, we personally feel the pillow chair is supremely modern in white!

Mayline Living ChairLast but certainly not least, we've got a futuristic office chair that's also practical for everyday use. The Mayline Living chair provides an absolutely unrivaled amount of comfort and support. This modern "smart chair" automatically responds to natural movements to prevent the need for constant adjusting. If you're ready to minimize the ergonomic learning curve and simultaneously take corporate decor to the next level, this swanky chair from Mayline is the way to go. Priced at $419.99, the Living chair is an excellent buy. It's form and functionality work together to promote posture perfect operating. This user friendly office chair is available in a 3 attractive color combinations. The Living chair can be effectively used for intensive tasking, executive office, and home computing applications.

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