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Office Design Advice: 8 Tips For A Smooth Transition Into Your New Space

Office Remodeling Tips
Tackling an office remodeling project can be super fun, or super frustrating! Those who properly prepare and plan enjoy the spoils of their hard work. That being said, those who don't are commonly left with remodeling remorse that could have been easily avoided. Here at, we want you to love your new workspace. That's why we're providing you with 8 tips to help you seamlessly transition into your interior without the uh-oh's.

1.) Use Accurate Measurements

Reception Area Remodeling Advice
It all starts with accurate measurements. Rest assured, there's nothing worse that having all new furniture arrive on your door step only to find that it doesn't fit properly. Ouch! Avoid this common makeover mishap by personally checking the dimensions of your space. Don't rely on old blue prints. Bust out the tape measurer and get the job done right. As this step is incredibly important, you may want to have a trusted coworkers double check your dimensions before making a purchase. You simply can't be too careful during the space planning stage.

Waiting Room Makeover Tips2.) Take Pics Before Disassembly

Before you start breaking down your existing furniture to make room for the new stuff, take a few pics. They'll come in especially helpful if you're planning to sell your old office furniture to recapture some of the remodeling budget. Pictures will also help you remember how your old layout went together. If for nothing more, take pics to show a successful "before and after" of your project.

3.) Paint Before Furniture Arrives

Training Room Remodeling Tips
You don't want to be painting around a beautiful office desk you just spent a fortune on. It's super risky! Once you've removed your old furniture, give your interior a thorough cleaning. Patch any thumb tack holes and use a magic eraser to get rid of unsightly scuffs. Next, visit your local paint store to pick up a few swatches and samples. Don't just assume a color will look good without first checking it out on your walls. Once you've decided on a color, go ahead and paint before your furniture arrives. It will make for a much smoother transition.

Office Transitioning Tips4.) Enlist A Few Helpers

It never hurts to have a little help during an office makeover. If you're planning to tackle installation internally, you certainly won't want to do it alone. To ensure a seamless transition, ask 3 people to help you throughout the process. It's no secret that office components can be very heavy. Trying to tackle assembly alone can be dangerous to say the least.

5.) Schedule Delivery

Home Office Remodeling Tips
Don't get caught with new furniture arriving when you're not prepared! Before you purchase the workstations and ergonomic seating needed to outfit your interiors, contact your dealer directly to obtain estimated ship times. After your purchase, contact your dealer again for tracking information as soon as possible. They should provide it, but it's better to call personally to be on the safe side. You'll be far better suited for a smooth transition if you know when your products are scheduled to arrive!

6.) Create A Staging Area

The day before your products are scheduled to arrive, it will help to create a staging area. You don't want to overcrowd your interior by carrying in every box and component. It will make for a frustrating and complicated assembly process. With a staging area, you'll be able to bring in items one at a time, piece by piece. This makes creating a functional layout much easier.

Executive Office Design Tips7.) Prepare For Debris

Even a basic computer chair will come extremely well packed to avoid damage during transit. This means, there's going to be a lot of debris to dispose of at the end of your project. All of your desks, chairs, and accessories will come boxed and packaged with a ton bubble wrap and popcorn. Prepare accordingly! Break down boxes to save space and have trash bags on hand to minimize the mess.

8.) Price A Professional Installer

Even if you're planning to handle the assembly process yourself, it's never a bad idea to at least know how much the pros would charge to tackle your project. If you get rolling on your project and find that it's more than you can handle, you'll already be a step ahead if you need to call in some backup. In truth, most find professional furniture installation to be pretty affordable. When sourcing installers for your project, be sure to read reviews first to ensure quality. Make sure they'll be available around the same time your furniture is scheduled to arrive incase you run into problems. If you really want to transition smoothly into your space without a headache, you can choose to go with an installer from the start. They'll be happy to receive your desks and chairs to minimize the need for planning and scheduling on your end.

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