Monday, March 27, 2017

Office Makeover Tips: Clean, Purge, Enhance!

Office Makeover TipsAre you tackling an office makeover project in 2017? You're in the right place. Today on the blog we'll share a simple to follow 3 step process for remodeling success. By cleaning, purging, and enhancing your interior you'll be on your way to a well rounded workspace that's ready to meet the demands of the modern work day. Enjoy!


Properly Clean Your Office
Before you rush out to purchase new office furniture and accessories, start your makeover with a good cleaning. Knock out the basic is like vacuuming and dusting right out of the gate. Next you'll want to move on to more advanced office cleaning and organizing strategies like proper wire routing. It's not difficult, just a little time consuming. When completed you'll be operating at a much higher and more efficient level. Once your interior has been properly cleaned, take pictures for a before and after comparison at the completion of your project.


Purging and cleaning are a part of the same family. That being said, there are some distinct differences. Purging involves the removal of old items to free up usable space. You can't fully assess your personal office needs until you've properly purged your interior of unwanted documents.

Messy File CabinetStart the process by purging your office file cabinet drawers. You'll be surprised how many out dated folders you've been harboring. Reorganize your drawers properly after purging to see how much available space you have for future growth.

Next you'll want to purge your digital files. Do you have old and outdated quotations stored on your computer? What about notes on projects from years gone buy? That stuff needs to be eliminated from your hard drive. If you want to save the information, download it to a zip drive, label it, and store it properly for future use.

Last but not least, you'll want to purge any office storage cabinet drawers currently devoted to stationary. There's likely loose rubber bands and post it notes that can be tossed out, along with old prevention materials and outdated product binders. Most find that once there office interior has been properly purged, their personal makeover needs decrease. This helps maximize the budget!

Office SucculentsEnhancing:

Enhancing your office is fun! That being said, many are left feeling a bit overwhelmed by the available product selection. In truth, it's a bit difficult to know what products you'll actually use regularly to become more productive. To help, we've broken down the process into two main categories.

1.) Appeal - Enhancing office appeal means integrating new products that showcase your individual personality and style. With an appealing workspace that's up to date with the latest trends, you'll make a lasting impression on valued visitors and earn your interior the compliments that it deserves.

This year, gray office furniture has been super popular. It's definitely worth considering for your project. In addition, you can't go wrong with updated wall art. It's time to kick those old school motivational posters to the curb. You might also consider integrating a few potted plants and succulents to make your interior feel more vibrant. When it comes to enhancing appeal, the options are truly endless. Don't be afraid to try out a few cool DIY projects to bring your vision to life!

2.) Comfort - A comfortable workspace is an absolute must. While you won't need every ergonomic accessory on the market, a few are considered by professionals to be essential. The first is an articulating keyboard tray. It will help you compute at healthy angles while increasing usable desk surface space. The second is a dual screen monitor arm. It will cut down on the time spent flipping between tables while simultaneously helping you raise your computer screens to eye level to reduce visual strain and neck pain.

Ergonomic Smart ChairYou might also consider adding a sit to stand desk top riser to promote continuous movement in the workplace and eliminate the need for unhealthy extended sits. If you can't find the time to take a 10 minute break once every hour, a sit to stand desktop attachment is the way to go. They're rapidly becoming an industry standard.

Last but not least, there's no substitute for a great office chair. We highly recommend considering today's innovative chairs from brands like Global Total Office and RFM Preferred Seating with auto responding adjustment features that minimize the ergonomic learning curve. When selecting an office chair, there's no substitute for a good sit test. Visit a showroom in your area to check out a variety of models that might be right for you. If you don't have a showroom to test chairs in person, you'll definitely want to check out online reviews and demo videos.

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