Friday, March 24, 2017

5 Boardroom Chairs Designed To Improve Comfort And Maximize Space

The days of using bulky, overstuffed executive style boardroom seating is coming to an end. In 2017, businesses are making the switch to sleek, European style chairs specifically designed to maximize the number of guests that can be accommodated around the boardroom table without sacrificing comfort. Today on the Office Anything Blog we'll showcase 5 chairs that perfectly fit this mold. Enjoy!

White Leather Ribbed Back Boardroom ChairThe sleek conference and boardroom seating movement was founded with classy ribbed back chairs like the 11730B from Offices To Go. This designer office chair features polished arms and a matching base that look fantastic in professional meeting areas. The 11730B offers a bit more padding than the average ribbed back chair, making it one of the most comfortable options on the market. In cool color options like white and charcoal, you'll be well on your way to crafting a truly elite boardroom.

High Back Segmented Cushion Conference ChairThere's a common misconception that chairs lacking thick body bolstering cushions like those found on traditionally inspired seating can't be as comfortable as those without. Take a sit in the Woodstock Marketing Hendrix segmented cushion office chair and you'll quickly put this theory to rest. With memory foam cushions and genuine leather surfaces, the Hendrix rocks as hard as the legendary musician it's named after. This exquisite boardroom chair is also a top choice for executive office remodeling projects.

Novello Office ChairAllow us to introduce something totally new and innovative! The Global Total Office Novello series 6400 chair is an absolute winner. Designed by Alessandro Piretti, the Novello series chair has taken 2017 by storm. With it's customizable attributes, the Novello can be both simple and bold to meet your personal preferences. This space saving boardroom room task chair looks fantastic in professional settings and won't break the bank at $356.99.

Sleek Boardroom Mesh ChairWe can't say enough good things about the iDesk office seating collection. This line of high end executive chairs, boardroom chairs, and guest seating solutions are second to none. If you're truly looking to maximize comfort and appeal, you can't go wrong with the iDesk Curva. Models like the CUR111 boast breathable mesh backs that pair perfectly with metal arms and bases to craft a modern industrial vibe. High back Curva chairs are available and feature leather headrests that combine with breathable mesh backs to form some of the most luxurious conference room office chairs on the planet.

Modway Tempo ChairLast but certainly not least, we've got a little something for budgeting boardroom shopper. The Modway EEI-232 Tempo series high back office chair is a must consider option for your makeover project. With its diamond stitched surfaces and polished chrome features, the Tempo will no doubt earn your interior the compliments it deserves. At just $235.99, this on-trend boardroom chair is an absolute bargain buy in black, tan, and white color options. The Tempo chair is sleek, comfortable, and a far better suited option for your boardroom then those old school, overstuffed variations that will do little more than make your space feel overcrowded. As an added bonus, the EEI-232 boardroom office chair from Modway is in stock and available for immediate shipment. If you're up a against a tight makeover deadline, you really can't go wrong with this cost effective chair.

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