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7 Ways To Simplify Your Home Office Remodel

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Don't let your home office remodel become a headache. Overthinking and analyzing will typically lead to frustrations and makeover remorse. Instead, follow the 7 simple tips highlighted today on the blog. From planning in advance to installation prep, we've got you covered from start to finish. Enjoy!

1.) Plan In Advance

Create a makeover plan and realistic timeline for your project. Planning a couple of weeks in advance will allow you to select office furniture from any vendor, even if it's made to order! When planning your project, take into account important factors that will determine your overall success. Do a quick cost analysis to help you set a budget. Visit a showroom in your area to learn about reputable furniture brands. Handling these few simple homework assignments up front will help you determine a realistic completion date for your remodel.

Planning Tips:

  • Do A Cost Analysis
  • Properly Measure Your Space
  • Set A Budget
  • Create A Project Timeline
  • Visit A Showroom
  • Talk with Installation Companies
  • Prep Your Space

2.) Stick To The Budget

Once you've planned your project from start to finish, you'll have created a realistic budget. When you begin shopping, avoid breaking your budget by staying disciplined. If you fall in love with products out of your price range, don't be afraid to look for office coupon codes and dealer specials that will help you extend your office makeover budget. Do you own the old furniture that's being replaced? If so, consider selling it to create additional funds for your project. While it's easy to create awesome interiors with an unlimited budget, those who overextend to do so typically suffer from remodeling remorse that can be avoided! You created a budget for a reason. Keep it simple and stick to it!

3.) Maximize Value

It's certainly easy to rush out and purchase the first office desk and chair combination that strikes your fancy. That being said, it's not very cost effective. Lucky for you, maximizing value doesn't have to be complicated. Before you checkout online, take the time to contact dealers directly. You don't have to spend a bunch of time bouncing around on popular coupon sites. A quick phone call will typically get the job done. While asking about current closeouts and promotions, you'll also get a great idea of the level of customer service provided by your dealer.

4.) Research The Trends

Keep your home office up to date with the hottest trends by doing a little research. Finding the most popular office makeover trends is easy! Visit social sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram. Search for cool home office spaces and save the pics you like to a file. You'll feel inspired for your project in no time at all! If you're still having trouble finding remodeling trends to incorporate into your space, visit a showroom and talk to the pros. You'll be rewarded with tons of awesome info!

Remodeling Trends:

  • Gray Furniture and Chairs
  • Retro Desks
  • Ribbed Back Office Chairs
  • Writing Desks
  • Industrial Accents (lighting fixtures, wall art, etc.)

5.) Commit To Ergonomics

Simplify your home office interior from the start by committing to ergonomics. You heard the benefits, you've seen the products. Now it's time to make an investment in comfort and productivity. The right combination of ergonomic products will have you operating at peak performance levels.

Best Ergonomic Home Office Add-Ons

  • Dual Screen Monitor Arm
  • CPU Holder
  • Articulating Keyboard Tray
  • Sit To Stand Workstation

6.) Enlist Good Helpers

A little help goes a long way! To complete your home office remodel effectively, enlist two helpers. You'll be able to bounce ideas off each other to ensure your space comes out great. While too much help can be confusing, 2 quality assistants will help simplify the home makeover process, especially when assembly and installation kick off!

7.) Prep for Assembly and Installation

Don't get caught with new furniture on your door step and an office space that's not ready to receive it. Once you order your furniture, contact your dealer for tracking information and an estimated delivery date. About 3 days before your products are scheduled to arrive, clear a space in your garage to act as a staging area. You don't want to bring your products directly into your office. It makes for a crowded assembly process!

With your staging area ready, it's time to prep your office interior. Sell or dispose of any old furniture you're note planning to keep. Give you space a thorough cleaning from top to bottom. Vacuum, windex, dust, and remove any wall scuffs with a magic eraser. If you're planning to paint, now is the time to do it.

Planning and prepping in advance for the arrival of your new furniture is an absolute must for any DIY designer looking to simplify their remodel! The day your furniture arrives, you're helpers should be scheduled to assist and your interior should be ready to roll. In most cases, the assembly and install of your new home office furnishings should only take around 2 hours. At the end of your project, be prepared to dispose of lot's of boxes, bubble wrap, and debris.

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