Monday, September 26, 2016

The Pros And Cons of Writing Desks

The Pros And Cons of Writing Desks by OfficeAnything.comConsidering a writing desk for your home or business interior? You're in the right place! Today on the Office Anything blog we'll discuss the pros and cons of this popular desk style to help you make an educated purchasing decision. Enjoy!

Pro: Great For Home Use

Writing style desks are perfect for home interiors and executive work environments. If you're main operating system is a laptop, you'll love having a cool writing desk in your workspace.

Con: Limited Storage

There's little to no storage on writing desks. If you've got lot's of files and important documents that need to be housed in your workspace, this type of desk probably isn't for you. That being said, storage alternative are available. Writing desks are typically used with back wall office cabinet and storage credenza configurations with over head hutch units to make up for the lack of storage on the main desk.

Pro: Open Feel

Limited on space? Make your interior feel larger with a writing desk! With the large open knee space area, writing desks make for an open feel that your interior is sure to benefit from. Office environments with writing desks typically don't feel over crowded or bulky. They help designers create a luxurious, elegant, and spacious vibe that's sure to earn an abundance of compliments from visitors.

Con: No Modesty Panel

Open writing desks and table workstations typically lack the privacy created by traditional desk styles. Before purchasing a table desk, take into consideration the benefits a modesty panel provides. If privacy is important to you, a traditional executive style office desk layout is likely a better option for your remodeling project.

Pro: Trending Style

The writing desk look is in! If you're looking to keep your interior up to date with the latest trends of 2016, there's no better way to do it. Writing desks are available from popular collections like Sorrento from Mayline to help create traditionally inspired interiors, while writing desks from the Cherryman Verde collection are perfect for more modern applications.

Con: Wires Will Show

If you're planning to use a traditional desktop computer as your primary operating system, a writing desk may not be the best option for your space. Desktop computers have lot's of wires. When exposed, they can greatly hinder the overall appeal of your space. All too often, shoppers purchase writing desks and forget this essential point. If you still opt to use a writing desk for your makeover, consider a rear wall credenza to accommodate your desktop computer. You'll be able to quickly and efficiently hide wires down the back side of the desk or through surface level grommet holes.

Pro: Affordable Price Point

The simplicity of writing desks means they're easy to make and don't require a ton of materials to craft. This translates to a significantly reduced price point when compared to traditional executive desks. If you're looking for ways to maximize your office remodeling budget in 2016, consider a writing desk and credenza layout for your space!

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