Monday, November 2, 2015

How To Revive Your Office Interiors On A Budget

Affordable Office FurnitureYou don't have to spend a fortune to create great work environments! All too often, businesses settle for subpar, uncomfortable, and outdated interiors with the mindset that new furniture will break the bank. We're here to tell you that with the tips and tricks highlighted in today's article, you can make your office spaces great on a budget.

First things first. Set a reasonable budget. Do some cost research online. Browse the web for furniture collections from reputable brands like Mayline, Offices To Go, and Cherryman Industries. These highly respected manufacturers take great pride in crafting high end furniture at prices every shopper will appreciate.

Mayline's Brighton and Medina collections are a must consider for any budget shopper. These lines offer the desks, reception stations, conference room tables, and professional office storage solutions you'll need to kick your interiors into high gear without draining the corporate credit card.

The Offices To Go Superior Laminate Casegoods collection also boasts the full array of workplace furnishings needed for businesses to create cohesive interiors on a budget. This line looks far more expensive than it actually is, and that's what it's all about!

When it comes to professional grade office furniture at discount prices, it doesn't get much better than the Cherryman Industries Amber collection. This best selling line offers conference tables like the A720 for as low as $315.00 and reception desks like the A126 for just $399.00. The Amber furniture collection by Cherryman Industries is available in black cherry, walnut, and other trending finish options that are guaranteed to revive your interiors.

Affordable Office Furniture Collections:

  • Mayline Brighton
  • Mayline Medina
  • Offices To Go Superior Laminate Casegoods
  • Cherryman Industries Amber

When shopping for new office furniture, avoid overly expensive wood veneer lines. Sure wood veneer furniture is luxurious, but it's also extremely heavy and costly. In 2015, interior design teams and consumers alike are regularly turning to laminate collections like those listed above. Laminate furniture has come a long way in the last 5 years. Many laminate executive desk and table collections show less wear and tear over time than their wood veneer counterparts.

To maximize your budget, you'll need to avoid shipping costs. Using a comparison shopping engine like Google Shopping will help you sort products by brands that don't charge shipping. You can take your frugal minded makeover a step further by visiting coupon sites like and These handy resources highlight deals and specials from many of the top online furniture providers.

When all else fails, contact furniture dealers directly. Don't be afraid to ask about closeouts and mark downs they may be running. Those who don't ask for savings, typically don't save much! You have to make every dollar count. Your due diligence will go a long way when it comes to saving on office furniture.

Great Ways To Save On New Furniture:

  • Look for free shipping promotions
  • Visit popular coupon sites
  • Sign up for dealer newsletters
  • Use comparison shopping engines
  • Inquire about bulk discount pricing with dealers

Before your new furniture arrives, take pictures of your old interiors. The furniture in your space may not be worth much, but it is worth something! Consider listing it on classified ad sites like Craigslist. Once you've sold or donated your old furniture, patch up your walls and paint. A magic eraser will work wonders and costs just a few bucks. A fresh coat of paint will breathe new life into your work space while making office guests feel you've gone the extra mile to make them feel right at home when visiting.

Office furniture installation can be pricey. That being said, if you have a team of coworkers willing to help you handle this necessary task, you can avoid the charge. Typically you can get them in on the job with a few pizzas. That's far more cost effective than a professional service! Office furniture installation is nothing to be afraid of if you have able coworkers, friends, and the right tools. You'll need a cordless drill, socket set, pliers, screw drivers, and a tape measurer. If you've got the essentials, look up the assembly instructions for your products online and decide wether or not the installation can be handled internally.

Once your new furniture is setup and ready to go, add a few room accents to make your interiors stand out from the competition. You can visit thrift stores, swap meets, flea markets, and salvage yards to find cool wall art and lighting fixtures. Consider the addition of an area rug underneath your conference room table or in the lobby. The accents you choose will make a major difference in the overall appeal of your space.

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