Tuesday, September 6, 2016

5 Rules To Follow When Remodeling Your Office Interiors

Office Design and Remodeling Rules by OfficeAnything.com
Taking on an office remodeling project? You're in the right place! Here at the OfficeAnything.com blog we take pride in helping our readers create incredible work environments that are up to date with the latest trends. Today, we'll take a look at the 5 rules you'll need to follow to do just that from start to finish. Enjoy!

1.) Measure First

Always measure before shopping! There's absolutely nothing worse than assuming furniture will fit properly in your workspace, only to find that it doesn't. To avoid this common office makeover problem, obtain correct dimensions of your interior. Don't rely on old blue prints. Bust out the tape measurer and then double check for accuracy.

Space Planning Tip: When measuring your office space, always be sure to take note of entry ways, power outlets, windows, and room obstructions that will affect the way your furniture fits.

2.) Get Inspired

A little inspiration goes a long way! Before you get to involved in the design and space planning process, visit a showroom in your area. You'll be rewarded with cool finish samples, literature, and product knowledge to apply to your project. If you don't have a showroom, have now fear. You can get inspired for your office makeover project by browsing the web. Check out social sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram. You'll find awesome ideas that can be easily imitated.

3.) Prep Effectively

It's always important to prep your space before new office furniture arrives. Start by taking pictures of your current furniture configuration if you're planning to sell it maximize your budget. Next, remove any old furniture and give your space a thorough cleaning. Patch old thumb tack holes, bust out a magic eraser to remove scuffs, and vacuum the floors. If you're planning to slap on a fresh coat of paint (always a good idea), nows the time to do it!

4.) Know The Trends

All good designers know the latest trends! Researching and applying the hottest office design trends of the year to your project will help take your interior to the next level.

2016's Top Office Design Trends:

  • Gray Wood Finishes
  • Smart Chairs
  • Mid Century Modern Desking
  • Modular Reception Seating
  • Powered Lounge Furniture
  • Tablet Arm Chairs
  • White Leather Office Chairs
  • Dual Screen Monitor Mounts
  • Industrial and Retro Furniture

5.) The Difference Is In The Details

In the long run, the difference is always in the details. Any professional designer will tell you, the right combination of office add-ons will help improve corporate appeal while skyrocketing productivity. Popular ergonomic computer accessories are the perfect place to start. In addition, you'll want to add aesthetic accents like potted plants, wall art, lamps, and cool area rugs.

Space Planning Tip: Think outside the box when accessorizing your interior. Go for a personalized look with one of a kind items from your local swap meet, antique store, thrift store, or flea market. You'll be able to save big on cool second hand items while creating a unique vibe that can't be duplicated!

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