Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Office Touch Ups: Ergonomic Edition

Looking to take your office comfort and productivity to the next level? You're in the right place! Today we'll be highlighting the ergonomic products you'll need to kick your space into high gear. From ergonomic monitor arms to adjustable foot rests, these office touch ups don't cost a fortune but make a major difference in functionality. Enjoy!

Dual Screen Monitor Mount
First up, this dual screen monitor mount from our friends at ESI Ergonomic Solutions. The EDGE2 monitor system mounts directly to your workstation via a clamp or grommet system that are both included with the unit. This dual screen monitor arm will increase your amount of usable desk space while simultaneously reducing eye strain. At just $361.99, this office touch up is well worth the investment. Once you make the switch to a dual screen system, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Sit To Stand Keyboard TrayNot all keyboard trays are created equal! This year, innovative ergonomic brands like Symmetry Office have brought to market cutting edge sit to stand models that promote continuous movement in the workplace. A sit to stand keyboard tray will help you improve blood flow and reduce fatigue, all at the same time. As siting for long periods of time can actually shorten your life span, simply engage the standing feature and continue working without the health risks. Best selling sit to stand keyboard tray solutions like the BALANCE-3-SW from Symmetry Office are now available for just $225.99.

Ambarella Chair
So the budget is tight and current office chair isn't cutting it. What do you do? You turn to Cherryman Industries! This industry leading brand has received major kudos for their new iDesk seating collection. Highly adjustable and equally comfortable iDesk chairs like the Ambarella make it easy for budgeting shoppers to get comfortable without breaking the bank. The Ambarella chair boasts a built in guide for user comfort, as well as multi functional arms and an advanced mechanism specifically designed to simplify the "getting comfortable" process. The Ambarella is available through the end of 2015 for as low as $206.50. Lot's of cool color options are available to add a personal touch. Rest assured, this office chair provides the most bang for the buck. Chairs priced nearly 5 times as much don't provide the user friendly features that comes standard on the Ambarella!

CPU Holder
Tired of banging your knees on your computer every time you swivel in your chair? You're not alone! Thankfully there's a handy office touch up available to solve the issue. An under mount CPU holder will get your computer's power source up off the ground and out of the way! Simply mount the track under your desk, load in your CPU, and you've improved much more than leg space. A CPU holder will protect your digital files from water damage and theft, while making the wire routing process far more efficient. No more trips under the desk to plug in devices amidst a sea of candy wrappers and snack crumbs!

FR-1 Foot Rest by Symmetry OfficeNo matter how big or small, touch ups are always needed to keep us working at peak performance levels. You can't be afraid to analyze your areas of discomfort in the workplace. Take a stand and make the changes needed to be at your best. Simple ergonomic devices like this FR-1 model foot rest from Symmetry Office make a major difference in posture. As many of us sit with our legs crossed out in front of us or propped up on the office chair base when working, a foot rest provides a constant reminder that there is a better way! The FR-1 adjusts to a variety of angles to ensure a comfortable experience and supports the 5th percentile female who can't get comfortable with basic chair adjustments. The foot rest surface is covered by anti-fatigue rubber matting and provides more than ample surface space for larger users.

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