Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Office Innovations: ESI Ergorise Stations

ESI Ergorise Station Review by OfficeAnything.comStudies have shown that sitting for long periods of time can actually shorten your life span. As we roll through our busy work days, it's absolutely essential to strive for versatility. That being said, brands like ESI are ready to help. This industry leader takes pride in crafting innovative workplace solutions that promote continuous movement while reducing fatigue and avoiding extended sits. Today on the Office Anything Blog, we'll take a look at ESI's new Ergorise stations and their cutting edge benefits. Enjoy!

ESI Single Screen Ergorise Station at OfficeAnything.comESI Ergorise sit to stand workstations are available in a choice of single and dual screen variations. The Ergorise unit can be mounted directly to work surfaces up to 30" deep via a user friendly clamp system. To operate effectively, you'll need 6" of clearance underneath your desk surface.

Once attached, you'll instantly be enjoying more work surface space. Allowing your computer screen to sit on your desk using the factory base is very limiting. With the Ergorise, you'll be computing more efficiently in no time at all using screens up to 16 pounds.

These best selling sit to stand solutions are comparable to the popular Varidesk stations you've probably seen the commercials for. That being said, ESI has an industry history that puts them in a league of their own. This award winning manufacturer has made it their mission to improve workplace ergonomics for years. ESI excels and overcomes in every environment. You simply can't beat the quality, functionality, and long term durability provided by ESI Ergorise stations.

Sit To Stand Attachable Desk by ESIThe all new Ergorise stations boast an impressive 17" height adjustment range. These sit to stand solutions come equipped with spacious keyboard platforms that come standard with palm rests to improve computing comfort. With the Ergorise station attached to your desk, you'll enjoy a 7.5" range of horizontal monitor movement, and 12" of vertical adjustment.

CLIMB2 ESI Ergorise Station at OfficeAnything.comThe Ergo rise arm can be adjusted 19.5" up and down. Needless to say, if you're looking for improved versatility and functionality, the Ergorise is ready, willing, and able to help. Finding ways to be ergonomically correct is must in 2016. As we are constantly looking for ways to evolve and update our professional interiors, it's nice to know brands like ESI are hard at work coming up with the innovative products needed to keep us ahead of the curve.

The CLIMB1 model Ergorise station supports a single screen and costs $463.80. The larger CLIMB2 Ergorise workstation is only slightly more expensive at $553.80. While both units are awesome, we certainly recommend investing in the dual screen variation. The ability to operate across 2 screens will help you kick productivity into overdrive.

ESI Ergorise Station Rating from OfficeAnything.comAfter testing and reviewing the
se new attractive workstations, we feel comfortable awarding them with a 4 out of 5 star rating. ESI's new Ergorise collection is perfect for training, private office, and healthcare environments. They're affordably priced, incredibly well made, and user friendly. Give one a try today to start revolutionizing the way you work.

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