Wednesday, July 27, 2016

How To Create A Fashionable Waiting Room Furniture Layout

How To Create A Fashionable Waiting Room by OfficeAnything.comSo you're getting ready to tackle a waiting room makeover, good for you! This fun and rewarding project will enhance corporate appeal while improving the guest waiting experience. That being said, waiting room remodeling can be a bit scary if you're not prepared. Have no fear, we're here to help! Today on the furniture blog we'll be highlighting the tips, product suggestions, and strategies needed to create a waiting room that's ready to leave a lasting impression on your valued visitors. Enjoy!

Make A Plan

Every good office makeover and remodeling project starts with a plan. Assemble a team of your trusted coworkers to assist you. Write out a list of goals and timelines for your office remodeling project to keep you on track. A detailed plan of attack will ensure a smooth a professional project that ends with a fashionable space you can be proud of.

Set A Budget

You'll need a budget for your project to prevent overspending. Do a little pricing research online to determine the products you'll need to fully furnish your space. Don't forget to account for commonly overlooked costs like installation and extended delivery services. A well thought out office makeover project with a regulated budget will have your team setup for success!

Measure Your Space

Don't rush out and purchase all new furniture for your waiting room without first measuring your space. There's nothing worse than having furniture arrive on your doorstep, only to find that it doesn't fit properly. Ouch! Avoid this common problem by double checking room dimensions. Don't rely on old blue prints for accuracy. Be sure to take note of entry ways, power outlets, and windows that will affect they way your furniture fits.

Visit A Showroom

Get inspired for your waiting room makeover by visiting a local showroom. While you'll no doubt maximize your budget by shopping online, visiting a showroom will help boost your product knowledge while getting you up to date with the latest office design trends that can be incorporated into your project.

Go Modular

When it's time to purchase new seating for your business, consider the benefits of going modular. Sure a traditional sofa and lounge chair configuration will get the job done, but to up the fashion cred of your waiting room, a modular layout is the way to go. Modular waiting room seating configurations make it easy to maximize floor space and visual appeal. With modular products you'll be able to think outside the box and get creating with your interior.

Popular Modular Seating Collections:

River by Global Total Office
Ballara by Global Total Office
Triumph by OFM
Uno by OFM

Strive For Versatility

To create a waiting room your guests will love and appreciate, you'll need to put an emphasis on versatility! Wondering how to accomplish this makeover goal? We've got you covered! This year powered furniture collections and tablet arm chairs have been the preferred choice of interior design teams and industry professionals alike.

Popular Powered Waiting Room Furniture Collections:

River by Global Total Office
Serenity by OFM
Morph by OFM

Popular Tablet Arm Chairs:

Sirena by Global Total Office
Santa Cruz by Mayline
Triumph by OFM
InterPlay by OFM

Accents Matter

The right combination of accents will help you create a fashionable waiting room you can be proud of. Start with the basics. Ask your furniture dealer of choice about accent tables that are available to match your modular seating. Visit your local home goods store to pick up a couple cool area rugs and potted plants to make your interior pop. Take your step a step further with the addition of modern wall art that blends with your decor. This year the retro-industrial look has been hot! To incorporate pieces with this trend setting vibe, visit a salvage yard, flea market, antique store, or swap meet in your area. You'll be able to find one of a kind pieces that will get your waiting room guests talking!

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