Thursday, July 7, 2016

2016's Hottest Executive Office Makeover Trends

Executive Office Makeover Trends by OfficeAnything.comIt's been an awesome year in the world of professional furniture and seating. Brands like Global Total Office, Mayline, and OFM have taken 2016 by storm. There simply couldn't be a better time to tackle an executive office makeover project. Today on the blog, we'll highlight the hottest design trends and products on the market. Enjoy!

This year, it's been all about gray wood finish options! Thanks to best selling office furniture collections like Medina and Sterling from Mayline, gray has rapidly become the new black. If you're tired of classic tones like cherry and maple, trend setting finish options like gray steel and textured driftwood will be a breath of fresh air!

Sit To Stand Executive Office FurnitureIf you're looking to step outside the realm of traditional office furniture to create a high tech ergonomic executive space, you'll need a sit to stand station! The ability to quickly switch from sitting to stand positions will help you improve blood flow while simultaneously reducing fatigue. Sit to stand up desks are here to stay! Brands like OFM and Global Total Office are paving the way with cutting edge sit to stand stations that will help you kick functionality into high gear.

Elegant Writing Desk at OfficeAnything.comWriting desks have also been incredibly popular in 2016. If you're looking to create a traditional vibe with your space, the timeless good looks of an executive style writing desk are the way to go. Writing desks are commonly less expensive than traditional box front and conference front desks. This makes them a great option for shoppers on a budget. If you want the best of both worlds, a modern desk with the writing style, check out the solutions from the Cherryman Industries Verde collection. Talk about cool!

Global Accord Chair In White at OfficeAnything.comYou'll no doubt want a cool new chair to compliment your executive office. This year, white leather executive seating has been the way to go. White blends perfectly with nearly any furniture finish and provides an upscale contemporary look that's sure to make your interior pop. Cool white office chairs like the Global Accord blend European design characteristics with modern ergonomic features to provide a comfortable sit that maximizes office appeal. Rest assured, the days of using bulky, overstuffed executive chairs are coming to an end. As space is always at a premium, you can't go wrong with a sleek white leather chair for your executive office remodeling project.

Modular Wall CabinetsYour DIY office makeover project doesn't have to be a headache. Getting inspired and researching the latest trends will help you enjoy the process. That being said, don't be afraid to think outside the box. Kick those old metal file cabinets to the curb and replace them with a super cool wall cabinet configuration. Sure metal file cabinets will always have their place, but in 2016, hot new modular storage solutions are available to help you stay organized without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. Take one look at the Mayline Keep collection and you'll see what we mean

Small Meeting Tables from OfficeAnything.comLast but not least, 2016's best executive office makeovers have been based around collaboration! If you've got the space, try to create an area to host "mini meetings". Integrating a small meeting table into your space will help to improve communication with your valued employees, as well as the overall feel of your workspace. Nearly all of today's top rated furniture collections from brands like OFM, Mayline, and Global Total Office offer matching meeting tables to compliment their desk configurations. Skip the hefty potted plants and integrate furniture that will actually benefit your day to day functionality. Creating a "mini meeting" area is just plain smart!

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