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The Top 10 Office Furniture Collections of 2016

Tackling an office makeover project in the second half of 2016? You're in the right place! Today on the blog we'll highlight the top 10 furniture collections of the year. Rest assured, the best selling furniture lines showcased here offer the visual appeal and quality craftsmanship needed to keep your interior up to date with the latest trends. Enjoy!

1.) Medina

The Top 10 Office Furniture Collections of 2016 by

There's no denying it! The Mayline Medina office furniture collection is the hottest line of 2016. The conference tables, reception stations, and executive desks from the Medina collection are available in trend setting finish options that blend with glass and silver accents. As an added bonus, this best selling furniture collection is also incredibly affordable. You can't go wrong with Medina in 2016!

2.) Zira

Global Zira Furniture at

When average office furniture just won't cut it, turn to the customizable solutions from Global Total Office. This year, their Zira collection has reigned supreme. This full service modular casegoods line makes it easy to think outside the box with office remodeling projects. Zira layouts can be enhanced with handle pull options, two tone finish combinations, edge detailing, and frosted glass paneling to help personalize your interiors.

3.) Verde

Cherryman Verde Furniture at

Talk about wow factor! The Cherryman Industries Verde collection is an absolute winner in the workplace. The modern office desks and conference tables from the Cherryman Verde collection boast attractive white accents that really pop. This contemporary collection is sure to make a statement in any workspace.

4.) Sterling

Mayline Sterling Furniture at

With 2 full service office furniture collections in the top 5, it's clear 2016 has been a busy year for Mayline. Their Sterling collection blends modern and traditional design characteristics to form one of the coolest new lines on the market. If you're looking for ways to make your executive office stand out from the competition, the Sterling collection is the answer.

5.) Superior Laminate

Offices To Go Superior Laminate Collection at

The Offices To Go Superior Laminate casegoods collection is the perfect option for budgeting shoppers not looking to sacrifice style and quality. This professional grade furniture line offers awesome executive desk packages, oval conference tables, and affordable reception desks in 4 quick shipping finish options.

6.) Princeton

Global Total Office Princeton Furniture at

Another cool and customizable line from Global Total Office makes it's way onto our top 10 list! The Princeton collection is a must consider for any growing business looking to tackle a remodeling project. The open desking layouts from the Princeton collection promote collaboration in the workplace while blending retro and contemporary design characteristics.

7.) Amber

Cherryman Industries Amber Furniture at

Here's another great option for bargain shoppers! The best selling desks from the Cherryman Amber collection are perfect for both home and business applications. In addition, Amber offers multi user reception stations and cool conference tables that won't break the budget.

8.) Venice

OFM Venice Furniture at

With all their new reception furniture and seating collections, you may have missed the Venice desking line from OFM. This modern desk offering is versatile, cool, and affordable. The desks from OFM and their Venice collection are available in 2 attractive finish options that blend with silver accents.

9.) Ventnor

Offices To Go Ventnor Furniture at

The Offices To Go Ventnor collection is the first veneer line to make the list. If you're looking to skip the overly modern office furniture trends of 2016 the Ventnor line is the perfect solution. The elegant desk configurations and tables from this collection are truly stunning in person.

10.) Aberdeen

Mayline Aberdeen Furniture at

We're ending where we started, with another line from Mayline! While the Aberdeen desking collection is no new comer to the furniture world, it's enjoyed a renewed vigor in 2016 with the addition of Mayline's popular gray steel laminate finish option. This elegant tone is a breath of fresh air when compared to the traditional cherry and maple options overly used in years passed. The Mayline Aberdeen conference table and desk configurations look absolutely stunning in gray steel and have put this trend setting line in the spotlight once again.

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