Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Keep It Traditional With These 5 Wood Veneer Office Furniture Collections

If today's overly modern office furniture collections just aren't your thing, have no fear. Brands like Offices To Go, Mayline, and Cherryman Industries have you covered. Today on the blog we'll be highlighting 5 elegant wood veneer furniture lines with classic good looks that never go out of style. These traditionally inspired collections are sure to earn your interiors the compliments they deserve.

1.) Margate

Traditional Wood Veneer Executive Furniture at

Known for the affordable seating solutions, Offices To Go may not be the first name that comes to mind when you think of luxury desking. That being said, we've kicked today's post off with their Margate collection for a reason. This traditional wood veneer office furniture line offers high end appeal at a price point any shopper will appreciate. Margate series U shaped desks and storage products work in harmony to create stunning interiors guaranteed to impress even the harshest critics. Two finish options are available to meet your decor needs.

2.) Ventnor

Offices To Go Ventnor Furniture at

Allow us to introduce to you the Offices To Go Ventnor collection. To further spotlight this industry leading brand, we felt the need to include the elegant conference furniture from the Ventnor collection in today's post. Both the Cordovan and Toffee finish options are absolute winners. These traditional veneer tones are a breath of fresh air compared to the overly used cherry and maple finish options used in years passed. The Ventnor collection offers a wide range of attractive home and business desk configurations, along with designer conference room tables and reception area welcome desks that make it easy to kick corporate appeal into overdrive.

3.) Sorrento

Mayline Sorrento Desks at

If you want the best and won't settle for less, Mayline Sorrento desks are the way to go. This top of the line veneer collection offers absolutely gorgeous finishes that will wow your valued office visitors. The writing style table desks from the Sorrento line are perfect for at home executive applications. The espresso finish boardroom tables with boat shaped tops and rectangular boardroom tables with rectangular tops are equally stylish. Sorrento reception stations boast granite transaction counters to create a one-of-a-kind look unrivaled by any competitive line on the market.

4.) Emerald

Cherryman Emerald Furniture

When it comes to professional home and business furniture solutions, Cherryman Industries knows their stuff. This industry leader offers 5 inspired collections that provide quality craftsmanship and the elegant features to match. Cherryman's Emerald collection is the crown jewel of the veneer furniture world. While a bit pricey, we firmly believe you get what you pay for. The wood veneer desks, conference tables, and reception stations from the Emerald line make it easy to go traditional with your office remodeling project.

5.) Lufton

Global Total Office Lufton Furniture at

Last but certainly not least, we present to you the Global Total Office Lufton collection. If you're looking to combine the best design characteristics of traditionally inspired furniture with today's modern technology, Lufton is the way to go. Veneer surfaces perfectly compliment metal desk legs and glass accented hutch doors. The high end modular workstations from this collection offer a little something for everybody. Luton products are incredibly well rounded and versatile. With a wide range of components, you'll be able to create a custom station designed to maximize your office square footage without breaking the budget. Want to know how to create a stylish office interiors built for functionality, well rounded appeal, and versatility? It's simple. Go with Lufton!

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