Friday, June 17, 2016

Office Design 101: Creating Corporate Appeal Without Breaking The Budget!

Office Design TipsWith an unlimited budget, creating stylish office interiors is easy. Unfortunately, most of us lack this luxury. That being said, we're here to help! Today on the blog we'll highlight the tips, tricks, and product suggestions needed to maximize your interiors without breaking the bank. Enjoy!

1.) Plan Effectively

Professional office remodeling projects start with effective planning. Sit down with your team to create a budget and realistic timeline for your project. Discuss needs versus wants and do a cost analysis by visiting various furniture retailers online.

To further plan, obtain accurate dimensions of your space. Be sure to note the location of entry ways, power outlets, and windows that will affect the way your new office furniture fits. Rushing into the shopping process with no budget or dimensions will definitely lead to over spending and logistical headaches. Plan from the start to ensure you project stays on track and under budget!

2.) Visit A Showroom

A little product knowledge goes a long way! Take the time to visit a furniture showroom in your city. Speak with a representative about the goals of your project and obtain literature on popular furniture lines that will work for your specific needs. While you're there, try out various office seating and obtain finish swatches. Knowing what types of chairs are comfortable is a must as good looks are only half the battle! In addition, requesting furniture swatches later will eat into your makeover timeline.

3.) Research The Latest Design Trends

Before purchasing furniture for your space, research the latest design trends. This simple step will provide you with the inspiration needed to create visual appeal and wow your valued visitors. To find trends, check out social sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram.

4.) Shop for Value

Following the latest office design trends can be expensive! You and your team will need to shop for value. Start by browsing comparison shopping engines like Google Shopping. Here you'll be able to sort products by price. You'll also be able to quickly locate brands that offer free shipping.

5.) Read Reviews

Don't make a purchase without first reading reviews. If a furniture dealer doesn't have reviews posted online, it's not a good sign. Most reputable dealers will have accurate reviews listed on Google and other reliable sites like While reviews aren't everything, they certainly come in handy when choosing between to furniture providers.

6.) Find Coupons

You can further maximize your shopping budget with a good coupon or bulk discount! While most choose to look for coupon codes on sites like and, we recommend giving your dealer of choice a quick phone call. You'll be building a personal relationship that's sure to pay dividends in the future. Don't be afraid to ask about bulk discounting opportunities and current coupon specials they may be running to save you money.

7.) Go With A Full Service Collection

If you can, choose furniture from a single manufacturer and full service collection. This leads to cohesive interiors that match properly. Leave mix matching products from various brands to the pros. It's difficult to do correctly. It's also more expensive! This year, popular collections like Medina from Mayline have been the preferred choice of industry guru's and design teams alike. Lines like this offer all of the desks, tables, and accents needed to maximize corporate appeal without breaking the bank.

Last but certainly not least, here's a list of popular furniture lines to consider for your project. These affordable collections offer high end appeal and the products needed to earn your interiors the positive compliments they deserve...

  • Medina
  • Aberdeen
  • Brighton
  • Verde
  • Amber
  • Princeton
  • Zira

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