Friday, July 8, 2016

Modernize Your Work Day With These Ergonomic Products...

Here at the blog, our goal is to help readers achieve peak performance levels in the workplace. Today, we'll be highlighting the products needed to do just that. The ergonomic office accessories highlighted here will modernize your interiors while kicking productivity levels into overdrive. Enjoy!

Modernize Your Office Interiors by OfficeAnything.comIt all starts with the right chair! This year, the "Smart Chair" revolution is in full swing. Wondering what a smart chair is? No need to worry. We've got you covered! Smart chairs are advanced seating solutions that automatically react to user movements. Essentially, they take the guess work out of finding the correct sitting position. If you're tired of constantly adjusting tension knobs and pulling mechanism levers, a smart chair is the way to go. Popular smart chairs like the LV34GG model Living Chair from Mayline boast weight activated, passive seat sliders. The flexible chair back provides constant support that allows you to sit and move naturally. The chair seat automatically adjusts to it's user and distributes weight without the need for adjusting. With it's modern look and the features to match, the Living chair is the real deal!

ESI ErgoRise Sit To Stand Workstation at OfficeAnything.comIf you haven't heard, sitting for long periods of time is unhealthy. This all too common problem can actually shorten your life span. That being said, sit to stand desks provide a healthy solution. If you're looking for ways to improve energy in the workplace while creating a modern vibe, sit to stand stations are the way to go. These high tech ergo tools promote continuous movement, reduce fatigue, and improve blood flow. If you don't want to purchase an all new desk, brands like ESI and Symmetry Office offer work surface attachments that will modify your existing workstation without drilling holes. Before committing to a modern sit to stand desk, go test one out at your local showroom. While very cool and versatile, we've found they're not for everybody.

Computer Screen Mounts at OfficeAnything.comPut the factory base that came with your computer back in the box! Make the switch to a dual screen monitor mount and enjoy a plethora of ergonomic benefits. For starters, the addition of a monitor mounting system will give your office a sleek modern look. More importantly, a multi screen monitor arm will instantly create more usable desk space. You'll also be able to raise your computer screens to eye level to reduce neck strain. Monitor arms the bomb! Give one a try and there's no turning back!

CPU Holder from OfficeAnything.comTo further modernize your work day, add an undermount CPU holder. It's time for the days of hunching over to turn on your computer to end. Mounting your CPU under your desk surface will allow you to more efficiently route wires and plug in devices throughout the work day. Most of the top rated CPU holders mount on retractable glides that allow them to slide out of the way when they're not needed. This means, no more banging your knees on the  CPU when operating in your office chair. How can anyone sit correctly in the office if they're constantly avoiding the CPU? Mounting your power source up high will also protect your digital files from theft, water damage, and even over heating.

Drifter Power Modular at OfficeAnything.comWhere's a USB port when you need one? With the exception of traditional 3 prong AC outlets, USB inputs are the most commonly sought after ports in the workplace. This means, you need to have one handy at all times. Adding a portable power port like the Drifter from Symmetry Office Products is a must. You'll be able to put the power at your fingertips. Don't waste time and energy looking for an available port on your CPU. Invest in a portable module to take functionality to the next level. Portable modules also make great additions to lobby, training room, and meeting environments.

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