Friday, January 13, 2017

Set Your Comfort Standards In 2017

How To Stay Comfortable At Work In 207
Do you have standards for your personal comfort in the workplace? You should! As the new year gets underway, now is the perfect time to commit to ergonomic operating. Today on the blog we'll provide you with the tips, product suggestions, and advice needed to make 2017 your most effective year ever. From mastering your chair's features to avoiding bad posture habits, we've got you covered.

First things first, you have to get to know your office chair. If you're unfamiliar with your chair and its features, you won't be able to operate it correctly. To get the most out of your chair, it needs to be synchronized to your body and workstation.

Go ahead and pull out your chair manual and give it a read. Refreshing yourself on your chairs components will help you set high quality comfort standards you can maintain. If you can't find your chair manual, visit the manufacturer's website. Most of them are available online. You can download it a file on your computer.

Once you've looked over your manual, you're now ready to start mastering the features. Memorize the functions of the levers on your office chair mechanism will have you ready to adjust at a moments notice. To set effective comfort standards, you can't take a "set it and forget it" approach.

Throughout the day, you'll likely need to adjust your ergonomic office chair a few times to stay posture perfect and true to the standards you've set. Each time you lean forward, your chair needs to tilt with you. It's absolutely essential to keep your back in contact with the chair at all times to stay properly supported.

The height of your chair should be set to a point that allows you to work with your feet flat on the ground and facing forward. The days of using your chair base as a foot rest need to come to an end as quickly as possible. Set the standard for correct operating by painting paper chair height and feet alignment. Perching on the base of your swivel chair will result in poor blood flow that leads to cramping and fatigue.

Operating comfortably in 2017 is more about you than your chair. Good habits go a long way, but you can also set up your office workstation to be more ergonomically correct. You'll want to start by getting your computer screen up to eye level. If you find yourself looking at a down word angle to see the monitor while typing, raise it up. Investing in an ergonomic monitor arm will get the job done professionally. That being said, if the budget is tight a stack of books or a shoebox box will do the trick.

Last but not least, you'll want to make a posture chair that highlights your personal operating goals to keep them fresh in your mind throughout the work day. Place your chart within eye sight of your computer screen. Believe it or not, studies have shown that workers who utilize posture tip charts report positive results. It's hard to memorize perfect sitting tips and comfort standards throughout task filled days. That's why a simple posture chart is a must.

Tips For Your Posture Chart:

Sit with feet flat on the ground and facing forward.
Don't use the base of the office chair as a foot rest.
Keep the computer screen at eye level for proper spine and neck alignment.
Keep your back in contact with the chair at all times to ensure proper support.
Take a 10 minute break once every hour to stay refreshed and avoid extended sits.

The last tip is a real biggie! You can't allow yourself to work for hours at a time without standing up. Studies show that this bad habit leads to serious health problems. Commit to comfort and productivity standards in 2017 by keeping your body refreshed. Stand up, go for a short walk around the office, stretch those muscles, and drink some water to stay hydrated.

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