Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Easy Ways To Live The Ergo Life In 2017

How To Live Ergonomically CorrectCommitting to an ergonomic lifestyle doesn't have to be a headache. You just need to follow a simple set of rules and guidelines. That's where we come in! Today on the blog we'll be highlighting super easy ways go ergo in 2017. From getting good rest to practicing good posture at work, the tips and advice here will have you at peak performance levels in no time.

It all starts with quality rest. By getting a full 8 hours every night, you'll provide your body with the energy needed to make it through those stressful days at the office. It's as simple as this, when you're well rested, you're productive. When your body is tired, you're far more likely to follow the good ergonomic habits you've worked so hard to create.

The same strategy applies to eating healthy before and during work. If you go overboard on pancakes and syrup in the morning, you'll be feeling groggy before you even make it to your office desk and start working. Upon arrival you'll be far less likely to operate using good posture. On the contrary, if you eat a healthy breakfast, you'll be energized and ready to tackle daily tasks in ergonomically correct fashion.

Once you've trained yourself to get a full 8 hours of rest and to eat healthy, you're ready to start focusing on living the ergo life at work. Start by synchronizing your computer chair and office desk. Raise your chair to a height that allows your feet to be placed flat on the ground and facing forward. Don't use the base of your chair as a foot rest! Next, raise your monitors to eye level to ensure you're not looking down at your screens when typing. If you don't want to invest in a computer screen mount at this time, a stack of books, magazines, or a cardboard box will get the job done.

Now that your desk and chair are synchronized, you need create a list of posture tips that can be placed within eyesight of your computer screen. At the top of that list put, "keep back in contact with chair at all times". Each time you lean away from your chair your back is missing out on the support needed to keep you efficient. Additional tips like keeping your feet flat on the ground and raising your monitors to eye level should also be added. With the list paced within eyesight of your computer screens, you'll be able to keep the tips fresh in your mind to work on those good ergo habits.

If you truly want to live an ergonomic lifestyle, you've got to be ready, willing, and able to adapt at a moments notice. You can't be willing to settle for discomfort. When you feel fatigue, stress, and strain setting in, it's highly likely that you've been sitting in your office chair for far too long. At least once every hour, you need to take a 5 to 10 minute break. Stretch out those muscles, allow your eyes to readjust from your computer screen, talk a walk, and hydrate. These simple practices will have you operating more comfortably and efficiency than ever in 2017.

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