Thursday, January 19, 2017

Predicting The 5 Hottest Furniture Finishes of 2017

If you want to create a cool office interior, you need to pay close attention to the hottest trends of the year. In 2017, brands like Mayline and OFM are paving the way with designer finish options that will keep your spaces up to date and looking great for years to come. Today we'll be highlighting 5 tones you've got to consider for your remodel.

1.) Gray

Gray Office Furniture

It's the new black! Gray wood and laminate office furniture solutions from brands like Mayline have become the preferred choice of design teams and shoppers alike. Gray wood desks offer a coastal vibe that's relaxing and modern. In the conference room, gray tables are also a great way to go! 

Recommendation: Medina by Mayline

2.) White

White Office Furniture

It's clean, it's classy, and it's hotter than ever! White office desks, reception stations, and tables are a must consider for any remodel taking place in 2017. A white office furniture configuration will make your space feel open and spacious. If you want to take advantage of two trends at once, consider pairing a gray leather office chair with your white desk!

Recommendation: Marque Reception Stations by OFM

3.) Espresso

Espresso Office Furniture

Dark wood office furniture finishes look great and show minimal wear over time. When shopping in 2017, be prepared to see a wide range of traditional and modern office desk collections with Espresso as a finish option. Espresso is commonly referred to as Mocha, as well as Black Cherry by many of today's top brands. If you're loving the look, don't forget to ear mark those finish names to broaden your search.

Recommendation: Superior Laminate by Offices To Go

4.) Walnut

Walnut Office Furniture

The Walnut finish options available on the market will be extensive in 2017. Be ready to see a variety of dark and light variations. We personally prefer lighter walnut options on desks and tables as they look sophisticated and natural. You can use a natural walnut writing desk to create a rustic coastal vibe that'll no doubt impress even the harshest critics.

Recommendation: Amber by Cherryman Industries

5.) Cherry

Cherry Office Furniture

The good thing about Cherry wood is that it's always in style. You simply can't go wrong with this classic tone. Nearly every reputable furniture brand on the market offers some form of Cherry finish. This means, you'll need to be extra careful if you plan to mix and match products. Be sure to order finish samples from your dealer of choice. If you can, go with a full service manufacturer to ensure a perfect match.

Recommendation: Zira by Global

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