Friday, January 20, 2017

5 Ways To Create A Productive Workspace In 2017

Ways To Be Productive At Work In 2017When you're feeling good and working smart, productivity levels skyrocket! Today on the blog we'll provide you with the tips and tricks needed to take office performance to the next level. From eating healthy to taking short breaks, the advice in today's post is a must read.

1.) Eat Healthy

If you wake up in the morning and go heavy on the french toast and syrup, you'll likely be feeling groggy before lunch time. We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It lays the foundation and provides us with the energy needed to tackle our morning tasks. By eating healthy in the morning with some fresh fruit and yogurt you'll replace that groggy feeling with motivation. The same strategy applies to lunch time. Don't sit at your desk eating fast food and expect to finish the day without needing a power nap. Pack a healthy lunch, take it outside, and eat while enjoying some fresh air. You'll return to your office workstation refreshed, ready, and productive!

2.) Type Smart

Computing at correct and healthy angles will help you remain productive throughout the work day. It will also help you reduce the risk of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This means, the days of typing with your keyboard tray on your work surface have got to come to an end. It reduces your words per minute while simultaneously allowing strain to creep in. Invest in an articling keyboard platform in 2017. It will help you create more usable desk space while encouraging healthy typing angles. You'l be performing more efficiently in no time!

3.) Use A Dual Screen System

Two screens are better than one! Think about how much time you spend clicking between tabs to handle your daily tasks. Now think about how nice it would be to cut that time in half. A dual screen mount is one of those products that once installed, you'll wonder how you ever lived without. We recommend checking out the dual computer monitor mounts from Systematix, Symmtery Office, and ESI Ergonomic Solutions. They're cost effective, easy to install, and incredibly versatile.

4.) Practice Good Posture

Even the most advanced ergonomic swivel chair will leave you feeling dissatisfied if you don't practice the good posture habits needed to maximize comfort. You'll want to start by raising your chair to the correct height. Make sure you're feet are able to rest flat on the ground and facing forward. Make it a point to avoid using your chair base as a foot rest. This reduces blood flow that can lead to cramping. In addition, make sure to keep your back in contact with your chair at all times. Sit as upright as possible to maximize spine support while working at your desk. Last but not least, you'll want to keep your head properly aligned with your computer screens. If you've invested in a dual screen mount, it will be super easy to raise your screens to eye level.

5.) Take Short Breaks

When you sit for long periods of time, posture tends to suffer as fatigue sets in. That's why it's absolutely essential to take at least one 10 minute break every hour. If back pain and strain are issues you deal with regularly, take a 5 minute break every 30 minutes. When you stand up and walk away from your office desk, your muscles are stretching out and visual strain is reduced. Needless to say, looking at your computer screen for hours on end is unhealthy. To be at your best and improve productivity, you need to force yourself into a smart break schedule. Powering through your work day  stressed and fatigued can no longer be your daily routine. If there's no realistic way you can take short breaks, consider making the switch to a sit to stand workstation that promotes continuous movement. Affordable sit to stand desktop risers are now available for less than $300.00 from brands like OFM. They attach to almost any work surface in minutes. You'll be avoiding those unhealthy extended sits that kill productivity in no time!

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