Friday, January 6, 2017

5 Awesome Office Furniture Specials For 2017

Are you ready to create an elite office interior in 2017? You're in the right place! We're ready to help you rock the new year in style and under budget with the deals highlighted today on the blog. From free shipping desk collections to affordable powered conference tables, you don't want to miss these awesome specials. As always, our active coupon codes are listed at the bottom of today's post.

1.) Free Shipping On All Mayline Office Furniture and Seating

Mayline Office Furniture On Sale

When it comes to new office furniture and seating, Mayline knows their stuff. This industry leader is tacking 2017 by storm with popular collections like Sterling and Medina. Comfortable Mayline chairs like the Gist and Commute are perfect for both home and business applications. Tackling a training room makeover? Don't forget to check out free shipping training room tables from the Mayline Sync and Flip-N-Go collections this month!

2.) Reception Desks Under $999.00

Discount Reception Desks

You don't have to break the bank to create an awesome guest welcoming area. This month we're helping shoppers get the ball rolling with discount reception desks from brands like Offices To Go and OFM. We've got more than 10 new stations available now for under $999.00. As an added bonus, these affordable guest reception desk solutions even include free shipping.

3.) Enjoy 10% Off 100's of New Office Chairs

Office Chair Coupons

Our office chair selection is over the top. We've added a plethora of discount office chairs from our favorite brands that are now available with an additional 10% off in January. Check out our office chair sale page today, select the chairs you like best, and enter in promo code CYBER1 to save 10% in addition to free shipping.

4.) Custom Open Concept Furniture Configurations On Sale

Open Concept Office Furniture

We're ready, willing, and able, to tackle office remodeling projects of any size. To prove it, we're offering custom open concept furniture configurations on sale from brands like Mayline, Offices To Go, and Global Total Office. With an open concept desk layout you'll be able to think outside the box with your makeover and kick those old school cubicles to the curb. Open concept office configurations promote collaboration and team interaction that will help productivity levels skyrocket.

5.) Affordable Power Ready Conference Tables From Top Brands

The days of running extension chords across your boardroom to host presentations and streamline activities have officially come to an end. In 2017, powered conference tables will be an industry standard. Don't let your business get left behind. Power up your conference room with a high tech table from one of our top brands. We've got stylish power ready conference tables starting at $360.99. A basic module with power and data inputs can then be added for just $235.00 to take your meetings to the next level.

Active Coupon Codes:

Coupon Code: CYBER! (Save 10% On Office Chairs From Woodstock Marketing, Eurotech, and Cherryman iDesk)

Coupon Code: FP3333 (Save $75 On Any Purchase of $1499.99 or More + FREE Shipping)

Coupon Code: FP4000 (Save $100 On Any Purchase of $1999.99 or More + FREE Shipping)

Coupon Code: FP5500 (Save $150 On Any Purchase of $2999.99 or More + FREE Shipping)

Coupon Code: FP1111 (Save $300 On Any Purchase of $5599.99 or More + FREE Shipping)

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