Wednesday, January 25, 2017

5 Ways To Avoid An Office Makeover Disaster In 2017

How To Avoid An Office Makeover Disaster In 2017
Your office makeover project should be fun and exciting! By following the simple tips and advice in today's post you'll be able to successfully remodel your interior without a makeover disaster. As with any major project, there will surely be surprises along the way. That being said, with proper planning you'll be able to tackle anything the process has to throw at you.

1.) Make A Plan

It all starts with a great plan. Get the ball rolling by creating a timeline for your project to keep you on track. You'll also want to set a budget for your makeover to help you avoid over spending. With a well thought out plan of attack, you'll be able to avoid mishaps and mistakes along the way that all too many individuals fail to prep for. Wether you tackling a home office makeover or a large corporate remodel, effective planning is an absolute must.

2.) Take Accurate Measurements

We can't stress enough the importance of taking accurate measurements. Rest assured there's not much worse than ordering all new office furniture only to find that it doesn't properly fit upon delivery. Ouch!

When taking measurements of your interior, be sure to take note of all entry ways, power outlets, windows, and room obstructions that will affect the way your office products are arranged. Once you've got your measurements, double check them for accuracy. It never hurts to have a trusted friend check them as well. Your simply can't be too careful during this essential step of the remodeling process.

3.) Request Finish Samples

Finish samples are an absolute must, especially if you're purchasing new furniture sight unseen. Let's say your purchasing a new office desk for an executive you work for. Due to pixilation, the finish you see online may be a bit different in person than it appears on the computer. You don't want the boss upset that you purchased a fancy desk with his valued corporate funds, only to find out that it doesn't look the way he expected it too. Order samples to avoid this makeover disaster. They're typically free!

4.) Inquire About Shipping Times

Don't allow yourself to be caught with new office furniture sitting on your doorstep unprepared. Before buying new items for your project, call to inquire about stock. If an item happens to be on backorder for any reason, it's best to know now. About 2 days after purchase, call your dealer direct again. Don't wait for them to send you tracking information. They'll likely be able to provide you with an estimated delivery date by phone. With an ETA you'll be able to able to properly prep your interior for the arrival of your stylish new furnishings.

5.) Prepare For Installation

Once you know when your new furniture is arriving, you can prep for installation. If you're planning to hire the pros, call them about 2 weeks before your items arrive to ensure they're available. In most cases they'll even be willing to receive your shipment direct from the dealer. While simple, it can be a big help!

If you're tackling installation, make sure to enlist 2 helpers for the job. About a week before your furniture arrives, create a space for it to be placed before taking it into your office. Remove all of your old furniture about 2 days before delivery and lay on a fresh coat of paint. Now is the best time to do it.

On the day your furniture arrives, be ready for some heavy lifting. Place the new items in your designated staging area and bring them into your office for assembly one at a time to avoid an overcrowded installation. Upon completion, you'll be left with a bunch of packing material to dispose of. Be prepared!

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