Friday, January 22, 2016

5 Ergonomic Tips for 2016

Ergonomic Tips for 2016It's time to kick those bad posture habits to the curb. Make 2016 the most comfortable and productive year ever with the help of modern ergonomics. In today's post we're highlighting 6 simple and easy to follow tips to help you achieve improved performance in the workplace. Put these tips to use and form the good habits needed to dominate 2016.

1.) Work Standing Up

Sit to stand products are the latest craze. Wondering why? As sitting for long periods of time can actually shorten your life span, it's important to promote continuous movement in the workplace as much as possible. That's where sit to stand products come in. A sit to stand desk or keyboard tray will help improve blood flow and reduce fatigue. You'll be operating more efficiently and comfortably throughout the day while simultaneously fighting back against office health risks that are looking to bring you down.

2.) Use A "Smart Chair"

Even the most luxurious and expensive ergonomic chair is only as good as it's owner. If you don't put your chair adjustment features to use, you'll gain little support and find yourself wondering why discomfort is still playing a key role in your work day. As most chair operators hate having to pull levers and adjust tension knobs to find the correct sitting position, industry leading seating manufacturers have introduced "smart chairs" that reduce the need for constant adjusting. Smart chairs make finding comfort a breeze. Cutting edge smart chairs like The 6671-2 model from the Global Total Office Ari collection articulate like a human spine and mimic the user's profile.

3.) Reduce Eye Strain

It's hard to work effectively if you're constantly rubbing your eyes and fighting blurred vision. Let's be honest, starring at a computer screen all day long is a problem. That being said, it's likely unavoidable for those looking to keep their jobs. A simple screen filter can be picked up at your local office store. It's a good place to start. To take things a step further, we highly recommend attaching an articulating monitor arm to your workstation. Visual strain can be quickly reduced by raising your computer screen to eye level. An articulating monitor mount will help you tackle this task in minutes. If funds are tight, don't skip this tip. Just use a stack of books or magazines to raise your screens. You can make the switch to a professional monitor arm when you're ready, but do what you can to fight visual strain in the mean time!

4.) Promote Good Blood Flow

When blood flow is reduced, you're muscles can cramp and "fall asleep". We've all had it happen, and it's no fun. Luckily, there are some great ways to fight back. First and foremost, work with your feet facing forward and flat on the ground. Don't cross your feet or prop them up on the base of your office chair like a foot rest. In addition, you can promote good blood flow by using an ergonomic task chair with a waterfall seat edge. When all else fails, take short breaks! Stand up from your desk. Shake out those muscles. Walk around for a few minutes, and get the blood flowing before returning to your workstation.

5.) Use Posture Reminders and Ergonomic Tips Charts

Studies have shown that workers who placed a list of tips and reminders within eye sight of their computer screen yielded positive results. The best part, it's free! Print out a list of good posture tips and ergonomic reminders today to start forming the good habits needed to operate at peak performance levels in the workplace. We've provided a few of our favorite tips to help.

Helpful Workplace Tips:

  • Keep Back In Contact With Chair At All Times
  • Don't Hunch Over Keyboard Tray To Type
  • Keep Feet Flat On Ground And Facing Forward
  • Take A 5 to 10 Minute Break Once Every Hour
  • Keep Computer Screen At Eye Level
  • Don't Look Down To Type
  • Compute At Correct Angles

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