Friday, September 11, 2015

Avoiding The Top 6 Office Makeover Mishaps

Avoiding Office Makeover MishapsThere's nothing worse than an office makeover mishap! To avoid falling prey to a design disaster, you'll need to properly plan and pay close attention to the advice in today's post. Today we'll share with you the most common makeover mistakes encountered by businesses and how to avoid them effectively.

1.) Didn't Properly Measure

A quality makeover starts with accurate space planning. Start by obtaining the perimeter dimensions of your space. Be sure to take note of power outlets, entry ways, windows, and load bearing members that will affect the way furniture fits. Once you've got your dimensions, double check them! Never, ever, ever, assume furniture will fit without measuring. This is a recipe for disaster that can be easily avoided.

2.) Forgot To Ask The Group

There's a fine line between getting group input and ending up with too many chickens in the hen house! To keep things on the safe side, do preliminary work on your own. Come up with a series of no more than three options per area. If you're taking on private office interiors, provide your coworkers with three full service collections to choose from that include the desk configurations, tables, and storage components needed to complete the areas in questions. On the flip side, you don't want to select products without getting group input. This is sure to leave someone feeling left out and unhappy. Remember, some input is good. Too much can be overwhelming!

3.) Expected Finishes To Match

Mix matching furniture from various brands is dangerous! While two manufacturers may call a finish cherry, it doesn't mean they are exactly the same. Schedule your project far enough in advance to obtain multiple finish samples for the furniture you're considering purchasing. In most cases, fabric and finish samples can be to you in about a week. If you don't have the time to wait for samples, be on the safe side and purchase your office seating and furniture from the same brand. If you have any questions about finishes matching, call your dealer of choice. In the long run, it never hurts to ask.

4.) Didn't Get Tracking Information

Whether you purchase furniture online or from a local dealer, you need to obtain tracking information as soon as possible. Don't delay this important step and end up with thousands of dollars worth of new furniture sitting in your lobby! Tracking information will provide you with the valuable window needed to get your space ready. Let's say you've ordered a new conference table and chairs for your business. If you obtain your tracking number, you'll know exactly how long you have to clear out old furniture from your space, patch walls, paint, and accessorize before your new products arrive. You'll also know when to staff extra workers to help with assembly.

5.) Unprepared For Installation

In most cases, office furniture installation can be handled effectively with 2 to 4 people. That being said, contact your dealer before products arrive to inquire about installation services. They'll typically be able to share tips, demo videos, and advice that will help you tackle the process. In addition, if you feel like installation is a bit much for your business to handle internally, your dealer will be able to provide professional resources in your area. Professional installation should be quoted for any project consisting of 3 or more areas. Basic executive desk configurations, conference room tables, and reception desks take around an hour to put together. Prepare accordingly! You'll also want to have a staging area clearly defined to place furniture when it arrives. Having basic tools on hand is also a must. Last but not least, furniture is packed extremely well. There will be debris! Be sure to have plenty of trash bags and dumpster space available before you begin.

6.) Went Over Budget

Don't wait until your project is complete to realize you've gone over budget. Work with your team from day one to determine how much you can spend without over extending. Create an excel spreadsheet to track purchases during the process. This will help you keep a close eye on your budget. If you want to keep it simple, provider your dealer with an idea of how much you're looking to spend. They'll be happy to help you select the best products in your price range. Like with most office makeover mishaps, budget issues typically result from assuming and improper planning. Don't fall into this group!

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