Monday, August 10, 2015

Here's What Good Posture Will Do For You!

Good Posture At Work
Forming good posture habits in the workplace is an absolute must. In today's post we'll share 5 important things proper posture will do for you. From improving blood flow to increasing productivity, the posture tips and tricks in today's post should be implemented into your office lifestyle to ensure your health and effectiveness. Enjoy!

1.) Good Posture Will Improve Blood Flow

If you're hunching over your keyboard tray to type, it's time for a change! This poor positioning will limit your blood flow and make you ineffective when computing. Be sure to sit upright at all times and keep your head aligned with your computer screen. If you can't raise the height of your computer monitor, invest in a computer screen mount from a reputable brand like ESI, Symmetry Office, or Systematix. You can also raise or lower the height of your office chair to ensure you're not overextending when computing at your desk. If you want to take things a step further, consider switching to a height adjustable desk. These trending ergonomic products promote continuous movement in the workplace and greatly improve blood flow.

2.) Good Posture Will Reduce Back Pain

Back pain is never fun! To fight back properly, you'll need to form good posture habits. When computing at your desk, be sure to keep your back in contact with your chair at all times. Adjust the angle of your chair back to ensure you're at the proper angle needed to make this happen. Don't lean forward to type, this reduces the ergonomic effectiveness of you chair! In addition, take the time to take short breaks every hour to stretch. You can can also place an ergonomic tips chart at your workstation for reminders. Studies has shown this simple practice really makes a big difference with workers!

3.) Good Posture Will Help You Fight Fatigue

Fatigue will strike at a moments notice. You have to be prepared! Good posture will help you fight fatigue and avoid becoming stressed when you work. Slouching in your chair, overextending to compute, and typing at improper angles will no doubt make fatigue a major factor in your work day. Start by setting up your keyboard tray for success. Make sure you're not typing with your computer tray on top of your desk. There's really no way to type with proper posture if you're doing this! Integrate an articulating keyboard tray into your workstation that will allow you to adjust the height and tilt angle of your tray. Doing this will improve posture and help you eliminate fatigue.

4.) Good Posture Will Reduce Leg Pain

Dealing with sore knees and cramps in the workplace? Forming good posture habits can help! When computing at your desk, be sure to keep your feet placed flat on the floor and facing forward. Crossing your legs or using the base of your office chair as a foot rest is not recommended. Using an ergonomic foot rest can also be a big help. Take the pressure of your knees by using an office chair with a waterfall seat edge. It will improve your posture as well as your blood flow. Before you know it, leg and knee pain will be a thing of the past.

5.) Good Posture Will Make You More Productive

Last but not least, good posture will make you more productive in the workplace. If you want to operate at peak performance levels, you'll need to commit yourself to solid posture habits. Studies have shown that employees who work with good posture are more effective on a daily basis. In the long run, productivity and comfort go hand in hand. If you settle for poor posture, you'll no doubt be missing out on both of these two valued office attributes. Sit upright, keep your back in contact with your desk chair when working, utilize ergonomic tools to help, and place a posture reminders chart at your desk. Do these things together and you'll be set up for and improved sitting experience and success in the workplace.

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