Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Workplace Tips: Improving Blood Flow

If you find yourself sitting for long periods of time at work, you're probably dealing with the effects of poor blood flow. Poor blood flow will cause stiffness in muscles, cramps, and fatigue if you're not careful. In today's post we'll share our workplace tips to help you improve blood flow and create a more ergo friendly lifestyle in the office. Enjoy!

1.) Go With A Waterfall Seat Edge

Chair with Waterfall Seat Edge

If it's time for an office chair upgrade, consider purchasing one with a waterfall seat edge. You'll be glad you did! Chairs like the Circuit CET 1 model from Ergo Contract Furniture and the Oroblanco from Cherryman Industries come highly recommended. An office chair with a waterfall seat edge will help take pressure of your knees when operating at your desk. The curved seat cushion at the end of your chair will have you sitting more effectively and comfortably in no time. The smooth transition created by the waterfall edge will improve blood flow and help you fight back against fatigue.

2.) Switch To A Height Adjustable Desk

Standing Height Workstation

Poor blood flow can often be attributed to sitting for long periods of time without movement. That being said, switching to a height adjustable desk will keep you more active in the workplace and thus reduce the risks associated with poor blood flow. Brands like Mayline, ESI Ergonomic Solutions, and Symmetry Office all offer height adjustable desks that promote continuous body movement in the workplace. If bad posture habits are keeping you down, work standing up with a height adjustable desk. As one of the latest ergonomic trends, making the switch to an ergonomic desk may seem a bit new to you. Rest assured, the benefits are quite extensive. In addition to improved blood flow, standing height desks will also help you reduce the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

3.) Use A Sit To Stand Keyboard Tray

Sit To Stand Keyboard Tray

As adjustable height desks are still a bit new to the industry, their higher price point may be a bit much for the average shopper. If you're looking to save a buck and still improve blood flow, you can't go wrong with a sit to stand keyboard tray. With many of the same benefits of standing height desks, sit to stand keyboard trays promote continuous body movement, reduce fatigue, and greatly improve flood flow in the workplace. The key is to avoid becoming stationary in the workplace. Be active and effective by working in both sitting and standing positions throughout the day. You'll be all the healthier for it!

4.) Commit To Good Posture Habits

Good Posture Habits

Ergonomic products will definitely help you improve blood flow in the workplace, but there's no substitute for good posture habits! When computing at your desk, avoid hunching over the keyboard tray. Be sure to keep your back in contact with your chair's seating surface at all times. Keep your feet planted flat on the floor and avoid crossing your legs. Adjust the height of your computer monitor to ensure you're not looking down when you type. When combined, these posture tips will make you more effective while simultaneously improving blood flow. To help, consider placing a posture reminder chart at your workstation. Studies have shown that workers who take on this simple task show undeniable results!

5.) Stretch Regularly Throughout The Day


Dealing with muscle stiffness and soreness at work? Fighting back pain? It's time to get up out of your chair and stretch! These common ailments are directly related to poor blood flow and need to be addressed quickly. In fact, there's another new trend call deskercise that you need to know about. Deskercise is the practice of exercising right at your desk. Using your office chair and desk surface to help you stay healthy is truly genius. There are tons of awesome stretches you can find online and in videos to implement into your work day. Any ergonomic guru will tell you that stretching throughout the day is an absolute must. As your coworkers are at the same health risks as you are when sitting for extended periods, get them involved. Stretch together and hold each other accountable. It may sound a bit silly, but regular stretching and a good deskercise routine can actually add years to your life.

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