Monday, August 31, 2015

Conquer The Boardroom With Medina Furniture!

Medina Boardroom Furniture
The Mayline Medina office furniture collection has taken boardroom makeover projects to the next level. With innovative powered tables, presentation accessories, and storage solutions, this full service casegoods collection has become the preferred choice of industry professionals and interior designers alike. In today's post we'll take a look at the Medina collection and it's unbelievably cool products. Enjoy!

Medina furniture was released just a few short months ago. It immediately turned heads with it's desks and conference tables. With incredible finish options like Gray Steel and Mocha, you could easily see that Mayline was ready to step outside the realm of the traditional. It's true Medina was inspired by the Mayline Napoli collection, but the lines are actually quite different. Medina utilizes laminate surfaces while Napoli is much more costly with it's solid wood construction. Medina is lighter, less expensive, and the perfect option for modern businesses on a budget.

Medina Meeting TableWhen it comes to conference and boardroom tables, Medina has you covered. Mayline introduced this trending line with contemporary 48" round conference table solutions that work perfectly in smaller meeting areas.

The 8' Medina conference table is the most popular and can be outfitted with two power modules for improved meeting performance. At just $503.99, we feel the MNC8 model 8' table is the best value for the money.

Need more space? No problem! Medina conference and boardroom table models are available in lengths up to 14'. All models feature straight sides, curved ends, and silver modestly panels for wire routing and enhanced appeal. With power modules available for just $205.00 each, this is one upgrade you'd don't want to skip.

Medina Conference FurnitureMeasure your boardroom space effectively and select the best Medina table for your specific needs. On average, you'll want to allot about 3' of table space per user. To put it in simpler terms, a 12' Medina conference table will accommodate 4 users comfortably per side, and 1 user per end for a total of 10.

Once you've selected the best Medina table for your boardroom needs, it's time to accessorize! At $310.99, the presentation board is a must have. With it's dry erase center and folding design, the MNPB presentation board will help you space look great while simultaneously improving functionality.

Medina Low Wall CabinetTo effectively conquer your boardroom, you'll also need to incorporate a few storage products. The Medina collection offers a swanky glass and laminate low wall cabinet with 72" wide design for just $438.99. In addition, bookcases and file cabinets are also available to take your space to the next level.

As an added bonus, the Medina collection was just enhanced with two new finish options. Textured Sea Salt and Brown Sugar are now available on the full line of Medina conference room furnishings. As one of the most trend setting and affordable lines the furniture world has seen in decades, Medina will help you conquer your boardroom without breaking your budget. Give this top quality collection a look in 2015 and beyond. You'll be glad you did!

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