Thursday, August 27, 2015

Chair Compare: Accord vs. Aspen

So it's come down to this. Two choices. But only one is the right choice for you. Which is it? Well, if you're upgrading to a new office chair, you've come to the right place. All too often, buyers get caught between what seems like two perfect options, especially when they're both exciting options from a top quality brand. But never fear, we're here to help you make the right decision in this month's "Chair Compare", featuring the Accord vs. the Aspen from Global Total Office!

Round 1: Style

Accord Mesh ChairAspen ChairAt first glance, both the Accord and Aspen chairs will wow you. These two modern office chairs offer the cutting edge design characteristics needed to take your interiors to the next level. The Accord features a slim back profile, boxed arms, and a 5 star base. The Aspen chair offers a ribbed back upholstery, T shaped arms, and the same great base. Based on 2015's current seating trends, the Aspen would likely take the win. The ribbed back look has been incredibly popular this year and the Aspen is one of the main reasons why. However, the popularity of the new Accord mesh back models has been the real X factor in this round. While Accord takes the win in our first round, both of these office seating solutions will earn your work environments they deserve.

Round 2: Features

Aspen High Back ChairAccord ChairBoth the Accord and Aspen chairs are packed with awesome features. All Accord and Aspen chairs come standard with pneumatic cylinders designed to adjust operating height with ease. The Accord boasts polished frame and base features for a high end look that's guaranteed to earn your interiors high marks. The Aspen comes standard with adjustable T shaped arms for a bit more ergonomic versatility. The Aspen high back chair even includes a headrest for improved support. Based on the long list of multi functional mechanisms available on both models, this area is a tie. As the Aspen is equipped with more user friendly arms, and a functional head rest is available, it deserves the win in round 2.

Round 3: Price

Aspen Chair ReviewAccord Chair ReviewThe base model 2671-4 model Accord series chair is available for $438.99 and is available in a wide variety of awesome fabric upholstery options. The 2670LM-2 Accord chair is the most expensive at $646.99 and offers a full leather seat and back that looks great in executive office environments. The base model 2852-3 Aspen chair features a ribbed fabric upholstery and is priced at $455.99. High end leather Aspen chairs like the 2850LM-3 are the most expensive at $696.99. At a slightly lower price point, the Accord takes it's first round of the match. It's important to note that both collections offer more than 10 variations to meet the needs of any users specific working preferences.

Round 4: Applications

Aspen Drafting ChairAccord Drafting ChairThe Accord series seating collection from Global Total Office is the perfect choice for professional conference room and meeting areas. These popular chairs are less bulky than most on the market and will help any business maximize the number of chairs that will fit around a table. Accord seating also works great in executive office applications! Aspen chairs can be used effectively in conference room and executive office settings, but are also great for intensive tasking. Both collections also include user friendly drafting chair variations that work great for design and artist needs. With their adjustable arms, various back heights, and high end features they take a three to two win.

Final Decision
The Aspen takes the win! This hard fought battle was close in every round. While both of these chairs are truly spectacular, the Aspen's adjustable arms, headrest, and overall functionality make it the better choice for most applications. If the battle were simply based on which chair would be preferred for conference room use, the Accord would have one easily. These days, businesses want a chair that can do it all and then some. The Aspen is the solution.

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