Thursday, August 20, 2015

The G20 Difference!

G20 Chair Side ViewLet's face it, there's lot's of office seating available on the market and especially mesh back chairs! In a world where it pays to be comfortable in the workplace, one chair stands in a league of it's own. The G20 from Global Total Office is one of the most cutting edge and advanced seating solutions on the market. In today's post we'll show you why!

Not all mesh back office chairs are created equal! Many of today's mesh chairs offer flimsy backs that wear out over the course of a few years. The G20 is not one of those chairs. The back of the G20 chair is a special mesh composed of alternating vertical rows of clear elastomeric yarns and black polyester yarns for unmatched durability.

G20 Chair Rear ViewCast aluminum is used in the wide sweeping lines with delicate edge details. The G20 is carefully made with highly tooled nylon components designed to create a crisp yet simple profile. That being said, these chairs are far from simple. The G20 is revolutionizing the way ergonomists look at mesh back chairs. These trend setting seating solutions from Global Total Office are truly raising the industry bar.

G20 Chair ReviewA new synchronized mechanism was designed for the G20 office seating line so that as the back smoothly tilts, the seat also gently reclines and slides to the rear. This makes for an improved sitting experience that any user will appreciate. As sitting for long periods of time is simply unhealthy, the G20 makes it easy for users to keep their backs in contact with the chair when working thanks to this high tech mechanism.

G20 Cloud ChairThe G20's lumbar support is fully active. It can be raised or lowered to suit any user's personal preferences. Designed with easy to use and highly effective adjustments, the G20 can be mastered quickly. While many of today's top ergonomic chairs are a bit confusing to operate with all the bells and whistles, Global made the G20 tasking chair far more user friendly. We consider that to be a major difference maker!

G20 Cloud Chair Back The end result is a chair that is extremely comfortable and that will also appeal to design sensitive tastes. The G20 6007 model ergonomic chair is available in a wide variety of seat color options starting at $507.99. The G20 6008 model cloud chair boasts a swanky white mesh back for a minor price increase. These top of the line G20 chairs run $580.99.

We give the G20 5 out of 5 stars. These new chairs are a breath of fresh air in a world of over complicated and expensive seating solutions. With adjustable arms, an advanced mechanism, and style for days, the G20 will no doubt end 2015 as one of the absolute best office chairs on the market. If you're looking for a chair that can really make a difference in your work day, look no further!

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