Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Office Chair Reviews: iDesk Ambarella by Cherryman Industries

Ambarella Office Chair ReviewCherryman is steadily raising the industry bar, and with new chairs like the iDesk Ambarella it's easy to see why! These new and innovative ergonomic office chairs provide excellent support and modern appeal to match. In today's article we'll take an in depth look at the new Ambarella chair and it's user friendly benefits.

Ambarella Chair - Angled ViewStyle:

The iDesk Ambarella chair offers a distinct modern look that's not too over the top like many of 2015's latest models. At first glance the elegant curves and a modern mesh design will draw you in for a sit. Upon closer inspection users will notice the adjustable arms, polished base, and waterfall seat edge. Available in a variety of cool seat color options to compliment the mesh back, Ambarella seating provides designers with an easy way to accent office areas. These chairs really pop!

Ambarella Chairs with Verde TableErgonomics:

Cherryman succeeded in creating one of the most comfortable new task seating solutions on the market with the Ambarella. These ergo friendly seating solutions come equipped with adjustable arms, built in lumbar support, and an advanced syncro-tilt mechanism with seat slider. In addition, Ambarella chairs will tilt to four lockable positions for customizable comfort. The side mounted chair controls are easily accessed and even easier to use. With a built in user guide for comfort, these chairs are efficient and really mean business! While many of today's mesh chairs wear out easily over the course of a few years, the Ambarella is supported by a metal back frame and non stretch mesh sleeve for long lasting durability. The breathable design will keep users well supported and ready to take on any task the work day throws at them.

Ambarella Chair - Side ViewApplications:

Ambarella chairs can be used successfully in a variety of applications. In the home, Ambarella chairs provide a one of a kind look that's sure to take your space to the next level without being too ostentatious. Family members will love the ability to customize their sit and the boost to home office appeal. While many chairs take weeks to master, you and your family members will have the Ambarella down in under 30 minutes. In the executive office, Ambarella boasts a high end look that will add to the sophistication of your space. Use Ambarella chairs with ease in the boardroom and provided your valued clientele with a sitting experience they'll never forget. As purchasing multiple conference room chairs can be pricey, the Ambarella is ready to fit the bill and help you maximize your seating potential and budget. That being said, the Ambarella is best suited for professional office tasking applications. These user friendly office chairs are ready for those long days at the office and won't let you down. Ambarella proves a reliable sit when you need it most.

Ambarella Task Chair - All BlackPrice:

Looking for a great buy? Look no further than Ambarella. Available for just $214.00 in the black on black color combination, you'll be hard pressed to find more chair for the money. As a price increase is expected to be handed down from Cherryman in the coming weeks, get yours now and big. Additional seat color options like terra, celedon, persimmon, and plum are available for a meager $40.00 up charge. Don't want the hassle of office chair assembly? No problem. For just a few bucks more Cherryman will professionally assemble your chair at the factory. Simply open the box when it arrives and you're ready to operate!

Final Thoughts:

We give the Ambarella chair line 5 out of 5 stars. They're affordable, stylish, versatile, and most of all, comfortable! There's not much you can't do with these new taskers from Cherryman. The iDesk collection has taken the seating world by storm and Ambarella is sure to end the year on our best sellers list. At just $214.00, you can't afford not to give one of these new chairs a try. The Ambarella is an excellent investment in the ergonomically functionality of any workspace.

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