Thursday, June 22, 2017

How To Fight Fatigue, Back Pain, and Other Office Ailments Effectively

To be at your best in the workplace, you've got to be ready to conquer common office ailments like fatigue, back pain, and even boredom to maintain high productivity levels. That's where we come in. Today on the Office Anything Blog we'll highlight the tips, advice, and product suggestions needed to do just that. Enjoy.!

1.) Fatigue

How To Fight Workplace FatigueConquering fatigue starts with a good nights rest. If you stay up too late watching movies and TV shows, you'll likely arrive at work feeling groggy and drained. Save that stuff for the weekend! If you commit to getting a solid 8 hours of rest during the week, you'll wake up refreshed and with the energy needed to tackle the days tasks.

Before you head out for work, it's important to eat a healthy breakfast. Skip the pancakes and bacon and go with a energy packed fruit bowl and a cup of yogurt. Coffee is okay, but don't over do it. Multiple morning cups of java will certainly wake you up, but when the caffeine wears off fatigue will be ready to strike.

Fatigue can also be battled effectively with good work habits. Avoid sitting for long periods of time without taking a break. When you sit for hours on end in your office chair, blood flow is restricted and muscles start to tighten up. Fatigue is sure to follow. Set a timer to alert you once an hour that it's time to stand up, stretch, and hydrate. Fatigue won't stand a chance.

2.) Back Pain

How To Fight Back Pain At Work
It's no secret that back pain is a productivity killer. That being said, it can be effectively tackled with good posture habits. First and foremost, you'll want to keep your back in contact with your office chair at all times to ensure you're properly supported. Each time you lean and hunch away from your chair to type, your vertebrae is paying the price. If you've invested in a fancy ergonomic chair with good lumbar support, get the most out of it by keeping your back in contact with it as much as possible.

You'll also want to keep your feet placed flat on the ground and facing forward. Using the base of your chair as a foot rest is a big time no-no. This "perching" technique restricts blood flow that leads to fatigue. When fatigue hits, even the best posture habits can break down. This domino affect can then lead to unnecessary back pain.

There's something to be said for selecting the right office chair for your personal needs. If your current chair just isn't cutting it, there are cost effective options on the market to help you fight back pain. Here's 5 of our favorite office task chairs that provide back pain relief available for under $350.00...

  1. Eon by Cherryman Industries
  2. Stratus by OFM, Inc.
  3. Creedence by Woodstock Marketing
  4. Rave by SitWell
  5. Astra by Eurotech Seating

3.) Boredom

How To Fight Office BoredomFighting boredom is easier said than done. When this office ailment strikes, it's definitely hard to regain and maintain focus throughout the day. That being said, boredom is typically a result of inactivity.

If your day is running slow and you don't have a lot of tasks on your plate, consider giving your office space a good cleaning. Go through your personal file cabinet drawers and purge out any unnecessary documents. Clean of your desk and organize your stationary. Vacuum the floors and dust your furniture. Staying active during down times is key!

You can also collaborate with your coworkers. Just because you're not busy, doesn't mean they're not. Lending a helping hand will keep you busy. Hopefully when the tables turn and you're day is full of time sensitive tasks, they'll pay back the favor. This boredom fighting technique is also good for morale.

4.) Visual Strain

How To Fight Visual Strain At Work
It may sound a bit minor, but visual strain is most certainly an office ailment worth discussing. As you stare at your computer screens for hours on end, your eyes pay the price. It's important to stand up, walk away from your desk, and allow your eyes to adjust. The artificial light put off from your computer screens isn't healthy.

You can also fight visual strain effectively by raising your computer screens up to eye level. A simple stack of books or a shoebox will act as an interim solution until you're ready to invest in a professional mount for computer screens that adjusts. With an articulating monitor arm you'll also be able to avoid looking down at your screens when typing. Trust us, your neck will thank you!

5.) Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

How To Fight Carpal Tunnel Syndrome At Work
Last but not least, you need to compute at healthy angles to combat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This epidemic affects 5% of today's workforce.

If you're still computing with your keyboard atop your desk surface, it's time to make a switch. Adjustable ergonomic keyboard trays that retract under the desk surface are available from brands like Systematix, Symmetry Office, and ESI Ergonomic Solutions that increase usable operating space while simultaneously providing you with the adjustment capabilities needed to fight CPS throughout your busy work days. Keyboard trays are really the industry standard. Don't fall behind the times. Take action against CPS and type at healthy angles.
Sit To Stand Desktop Attachment
Do you really want to take your workspace to the next level? Consider investing in a height adjustable desktop attachment that promotes sit to stand operating. Most of today's adjustable risers feature articulating keyboard platforms that will help you fight multiple office ailments simultaneously.

Sit to stand risers encourage continuous movement in the workplace while improving blood flow, reducing fatigue, and providing users with the ability to compute from correct positions. Brands like Symmetry Office and OFM provide some of the best and most cost effective desk risers on the market.

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