Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Trend Spotting: Mid Century Desks, Coastal Finishes, and More!

To craft elite work environments, you need to be up to date with the hottest trends. That's where we come in! Today on the blog we'll be showcasing the coolest new ways to take your interiors to the next level. From mid century modern office desks to swanky self adjusting office chairs, you won't want to miss the innovations highlighted here.

1.) Mid Century Desks

Mid Century Modern Desk

The mid century modern desk movement is in full swing! If you're tackling a home office makeover project in 2017, you can't go wrong with a mid century laptop desk like the EEI-2047 model from Modway. This Adjacent collection writing desk offers a blast of mid century appeal on a budget. At just $415.99, this high class workstation is an absolute bargain buy. In addition to the Adjacent desk, Modway offers more than 15 other mid century inspired options to consider. If you're loving the look, you can't go wrong by starting your search for the perfect desk with this popular brand.

2.) Coastal Furniture Finishes

Gray Wood Office Furniture

White and gray office furniture finishes have been incredibly popular in 2017. As shoppers look for ways to avoid traditional tones like cherry and maple, brands like Mayline are answering the call with collections like Medina and Sterling. Take one look at coastal inspired finishes like Textured Driftwood and Sea Salt and you'll quickly see what we mean.

3.) Collaborative Tables

Collaborative Office Tables

It's time to start expecting more out of your office furniture! That's why modern businesses are making the switch to collaborative tables for work floor and training room applications. If you're looking for an alternative to traditional cubicles and fixed leg tables, brands like Global Total Office have you covered. Their innovative connectable tables with folding tops provide unrivaled versatility. With connecting tables from Global collections like Bungee and 2gether you can create cutting edge office interiors that spark creativity. Rest assured, this trend is here to stay.

4.) Sleek Conference Seating

Ribbed Red Leather Conference Chair

Save space and look great in the conference room without breaking the bank by integrating sleek seating. As the days of using bulky executive style conference chairs are rapidly fading, there's a new trend on the block! Sleek European style conference room seating is hot. The ability to maximize the number of guests that can fit around the conference table while simultaneously promoting top notch comfort and a cutting edge look is simply too much for businesses to pass up. If you're loving the look, we recommend checking out the Joplin and Hendrix series chairs from Woodstock Marketing.

5.) Clamp On Desktop Risers

Clamp On Desktop Riser

By now you've likely heard that sitting for long periods of time in your office chair can be damaging to your health. Trendy clamp on desktop risers are the answer. They promote continuous movement in the workplace while simultaneously reducing fatigue. Nearly every reputable furniture manufacturer on the planet is now offering some form of height adjustable workstation that encourages sit to stand operating. You'll be at no shortage of options to choose from if you want to join this healthy movement.

6.) Perch Stools

Height Adjustable Perch Stool

We're seeing an influx of Perch stools hitting the market to compliment today's hottest sit to stand workstations. Perch stools pivot, tilt, and rotate to provide users with operational versatility and improved comfort. Our favorite adjustable perch stool available in 2017 is the 2800 model from OFM. Pair it with their 5100 model desktop riser and you'll be on your way to a cutting edge ergonomic workspace that's ahead of the curve.

7.) Self Adjusting Office Chairs

Office Chair That Responds To User Weight

Last but certainly not least, there's a new standard in the office chair world. Brands like Global Total Office are raising the bar with ergonomic task chairs that automatically respond to user movements and kick comfort into high gear without the need to constantly pull mechanism levers and twist tension knobs. The average worker typically finds high end ergonomics seating confusing to use. New "smart chairs" that react to weight and mimic the spine virtually eliminate the learning curve.

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