Friday, June 2, 2017

Design Advice: Select Furniture That Inspires Creativity!

Corporate appeal is important, but when the time comes to remodel your office interiors, don't forget about creativity. Crafting work environments that inspire creativity will help you take your business to the next level. Lucky for you, today's top office furniture brands are hard at work designing the products needed to achieve both high end appeal and creativity like we've never seen before.

Collaborative Office Furniture
Traditional cubicle systems are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Why you ask? Because they make employees feel closed off from one another. When this happens, creativity is limited. That's why this year, furniture brands like Mayline are striving to promote healthy collaboration with open concept benching systems. The modular components from furniture collections like e5 make it easier than ever to create group desk layouts that keep employees involved with one another. Don't settle for subpar panel furniture that lacks the ability to keep up with the demands of your modern business. Get the creative juices flowing with a collaborative benching system!

Global Bridges II FurnitureMayline isn't the only manufacturer crafting collaborative office furniture systems designed for improved creativity. Not by a long shot! If you want to rock your remodel in 2017, check out the Bridges II collection from Global. This high tech line makes it easier than ever to think outside the box. If you're tired of traditional workstations and want to inspire your employees, Bridges II is the way to go.

Collaborative Training TablesTake your quest for improved creativity to the training room with connectable tables. We recommend those from the OFM Mesa series. They're cost effective, stylish, and down right versatile. These folding training room tables with wheels can be quickly configured for groups of any size. When not in use, Mesa tables can be housed horizontally along perimeter walls to maximize square footage.

Conference Table with A Powered TopGreat ideas are always flowing in the conference room. Don't limit them with a non-powered table. If you're ready to streamline boardroom functionality, save time, and inspire your valued employees, go with a conference table that has a powered top to get the job the job done right.

OFM Morph Powered SofaWhile you're at it, why not help your guests get creative while they wait for appointments? Sure a traditional sofa and lounge chair configuration will get the job done, but there's definitely a better way to skin the cat. Powered lounge chairs with tablet arms and connectable guest seating is now the preferred choice for welcoming areas. The ability to improve the guest experience is simply too much for the average business to pass up. Powered chairs and tablet arm seating solutions allow visitors to work while the way, thus keeping them more entertained and of course, creative!

Ergonomic Office Chair That Automatically AdjustsLast but not least, you'll want to select office chairs for your interiors that don't limit functionality and restrict creativity. Let's put it this way, if you're employees are constantly twisting chair tension knobs and pulling mechanism levers, they're far from focused. Why not select chairs that minimize the ergonomic learning curve and take the guess work out of getting comfortable. Today's self adjusting ergonomic task chairs are the way to go. Chairs like the Arti from Global Total Office and the Living chair from Mayline automatically respond to user movements to provide top notch support. Purchasing "smart chairs" is just plain smart. They'll cut down on the time spent adjusting for perfect posture and increase the time available for collaboration and creativity.

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