Friday, June 23, 2017

How To Put The Finishing Touches On Your Office Space

When it comes to office design, the difference is in the details! The accents you choose during the final stages of your remodel will help pull your space together. Today on The Office Anything Blog we'll highlight cool ways to put the finishing touches on your project. From popular paint finishes to unique lighting fixtures, we've got you covered.

1.) Paint

Paint Swatches for The Office

If you have the ability to paint your office space before you furniture is installed, do it. You'll greatly reduce the risk of unwanted spills around your new desk configuration. That being said, if your furniture has been installed, slide it away from the way and cover it with a drop cloth for protection.

Painting your office is a quick and easy way to add appeal. This year, popular color options like bright green, light blue, and various yellows have been the preferred choice design teams and industry professionals.

Pro Tip: Before committing to a paint color, pick up a few samples and compare them with your furniture finishes. Do just assume a particular color will look good with out checking it out first.

2.) Ergonomic Accessories

Popular Sit To Stand Desktop Attachment

There's 3 main ergonomic accessories you'll want to incorporate into your project. The first is a height adjustable desktop attachment that'll allow you to switch from sitting to standing operating positions in a flash. Brands like OFM and Systematix offer some of the best options on the market for professional applications. Their desktop risers promote continuous movement in the workplace and improve blood flow.

In addition to a desktop riser, you'll want to consider integrating a dual screen monitor arm. Single screen systems are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. If you ready to keep up with the modern business world, invest in an articulating arm that holds 2 screens to cut down on the time spent clicking between tabs. Most importantly, you'll be able to raise your monitors to eye level where they belong to reduce visual strain and neck pain.

Last but not least, add the finishing touch to your project with an ergonomic keyboard tray that retracts under the desk surface to provide you with a ton of extra work area. A retractable keyboard tray will also help you compute at healthy angles that reduce the risk of office epidemics like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

3.) Wall Art

Cool Wall Art for The Office

There's something to be said for cool wall art in the office. It helps create a professional and high class vibe that your visitors will love. If you want to earn your space the the compliments it deserves, consider putting the finishing touches on your project with cool sconces and framed art.

Select pieces that will be conversation starters that showcase your personality! Going to an art gallery is a great if you've got a big budget, but for those looking to save a few bucks, there's nothing wrong with traditional home stores.

Design Tip: In addition to traditional framed pictures and sconces, you can put a personal touch on your space with family pictures and awards you've received for your hard work. They will make your space feel warm and inviting.

4.) Plant Life

Succulents In The Office

The days of using old faux plants to accent your office interiors are rapidly fading. You'll be much better served by investing in low maintenance succulents and indoor plants that don't require a lot of water or natural light to survive. The best part is, you can select cool pots and containers to further boost your office appeal.

5.) Lighting Fixtures

Cool Desk Lamp

Last but not least, put the finishing touches on your project with a cool lighting fixture or two. If you're stuck dealing with flush mount ceiling lights, have no fear. You can use a unique desk lamp, or standing corner lamp to accent your space.

Looking for something unique? Take a visit to your local farmers market, swap meet, or antique store to search for cool fixtures. You'll no doubt find one of a kind pieces that make your interior stand out from the competition.

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