Monday, June 12, 2017

Superior Interiors: Training Rooms by Global

Modern Corporate Training AreaSuperior Office Interiors by GlobalIt never hurts to get a little design inspiration! If you're tackling a training room makeover project, you're in the right place. Today on Superior Interiors we'll showcase elite work environments with cutting edge tables and chairs designed to take your corporate training sessions to the next level. These fashionable and productivity-minded spaces outfitted with Global products are the best in the business. Prepare to be impressed!

Our first Superior Interior is equipped with the all new tables from the Global 2Gether collection. These flip top nesting tables for the training room are built with productivity and collaboration in mind. The 2Gether line is distinctively modern and equally versatile. When paired with Roma series mesh back chairs, this interior is ready for the demands of the most intensive work days.

Collaborative Meeting AreaUp next we've got a professional training room configuration that's perfect for smaller groups. This luxurious space with a Global Nutcracker table layout boasts fabulous seating that's sure to make an impression on any visitor. These chairs from the Global Accord collection boast European design characteristics that are trending in 2017. The ribbed back look and clean curves makes for an inviting sit that doesn't wast a ton of space. If you're looking to step outside the realm of traditional training room chairs, sleek options like these chairs from the Accord collection are the way to go.

U Shaped Training Table ConfigurationOur third Superior Interior is simple, classy, and effective. At first glance you'll be drawn to the CNN503 model U shaped ConnecTABLES configuration that encourages group interaction. This workspace is perfect for tossing ideas around and getting the creative juices flowing. Additionally, this training room is complimented to perfection with Sonic series chairs that can be stacked to save space along perimeter walls when not in use. This interior is direct and to the point. It isn't overly cramped with too many chairs, accents, and tables. We love the clean look, it makes a professional statement without being too over the top.

Global Junction Tables LayoutThink outside the box with your training room makeover and don't be afraid to get creative! These days it's all about boosting collaboration, and the tables from the Global Junction collection will certainly help you do it. Check out our fourth Superior Interior. The V shaped design keeps visitors facing each other and engaged in the conversation. Presenters and teachers can sit on the flat end of the configuration, or in the middle of the open end to deliver important information effectively. This awesome workspace is complete with intensive use office chairs for healthy tasking from the Global Graphic collection.

We saved our favorite space for last. This Superior Interior is an absolute winner in every way. First and foremost, it's outfitted with the unbelievably versatile tables from Global's Bungee collection. They can be connected to form large group layouts, or used individual for testing and other private activities. Bungee tables can even be purchased in sets that form conference tables! The possibilities are truly endless with this line. The interior was then upgraded with Supra series office chairs with thick padded seats to keep guests comfortable during longer gatherings. Our last space is rounded out with a mobilized lectern for presenters and a dry erase board on wheels that comes in handy when taking down ideas.

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