Thursday, February 2, 2017

6 Ways Maximize Your Office Furniture Budget In 2017

How To Maximize Your Office Furniture Budget In 2017
There's lot's of awesome ways to save big on new office furniture in 2017. From finding coupons to avoiding hefty shipping costs, we're here to help you maximize the budget. Today on the blog we'll highlight the shopping tips, tricks, and products suggestions needed to help you create a designer workspace without breaking the bank. Enjoy!

1.) Get To Know Your Furniture Provider

First things first, you've got to take the time to get to know your dealer of choice. Before making a purchase of any kind, call your preferred furniture provider direct. While testing their customer service skills, you'll also be able to inquire about any current specials, deals, and closeouts they may be offering.

2.) Sign Up For News Letters

Just about any reputable office furniture provider will send out a monthly news letter. They'll likely be highlighting and showcasing cool new products that will help set your interiors apart from the competition. In addition, they often include active monthly promotions to help you save.

3.) Use Comparison Shopping Engines

This little tip will save you time and money. Using a comparison shopping engine like Google Shopping will allow you to browse popular desks and chairs from a variety of top brands all in one place. You'll be able to sort products by price while simultaneously checking out reviews.

4.) Visit Coupon Sites

Before checking out online, you'll likely come across a coupon code entry field. When you see it, stop. Take your time and visit a few reputable coupon sites. We like They feature many of today's top furniture brands. New coupons are posted every week to help you save big.

5.) Look For Free Shipping

Don't be fooled by upfront furniture costs. During the checkout process, many dealers will try to slip in hefty shipping charges that deplete the budget. It's always a good idea to source free shipping furniture providers. Comparison engines can be a big help with this too. In truth, most of today's top furniture manufacturers like Mayline and Offices To Go don't charge drop shipping costs to dealers. That being said, they shouldn't be charging you. Extended shipping costs like basic inside delivery, should never be more than about $150.00. If you're going to need furniture brought into an elevator and upstairs, it's best to use a professional installer and not the freight company. The charges are typically pretty similar, except the freight company won't put your new furniture together.

6.) Source Quality Installers

Not all furniture installation companies are created equal. Before selecting one for your project, you should definitely check out a few online reviews. You'll definitely want to source 3 quotes to ensure you obtain the best value and quality for your investment. A professional installer should be ready, willing, and able to receive your furniture direct from the manufacturer. They'll likely arrive at your place of business with many of the items preassembled. This will save you a lot of time. And after all,  time is money! You don't want an installation crew opening large items in your lobby and leaving a mess. It's distracting to your clients, takes a ton of time to clean up, and thus increases costs. If you're considering an installer for a large remodel, make sure to do your homework. You dealer should be able to provide installation resources you can trust.

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