Monday, February 6, 2017

Rate The Space: Medina Executive Interior by Mayline

Mayline Executive Interiors
This year the Medina office furniture collection from Mayline is positioned to continue its market dominance. With trend setting finish options and an array of designer desks, Medina is truly in a league of its own. Today on Rate The Space we'll take a look at a high end Medina workstation and the unique benefits that make it great. From the textured driftwood finish to the ample storage components, this interior is built to impress in more ways than one.

Medina Office FurnitureThe minute you walk into this workspace, you'll instantly notice that it's not furnished with your average products. Medina really stands out. It's wow factor has made it a favorite of industry professionals and design teams alike.

Cherry and maple desks will always have their place. But why not think outside the realm of the traditional and strive for unique? Once inside this interior you'll be instantly captivated by the Textured Gray Steel finish. This unique wood laminate tone offers a modern coastal vibe that will earn an abundance of daily compliments. When paired with silver and glass accents, it's really hard to beat.

Mayline Office FurnitureThe main workstation is composed of a 63" wide executive desk with silver modesty panel. The desk is enhanced with a right handed surface extension and left hand pedestal extension to create additional operating space.

Along the rear of the interior you'll notice a 63" wide knee space credenza. Below it are two mobile file pedestals that come in handy for regularly used documents and stationary storage. The corner bookcases used along the credenza make for a nice display area.

Mayline Storage FurnitureAs square footage is always at a premium, smart designers make use of office walls to maximize appeal and storage. This Medina executive interior is no exception. Above the rear wall credenza configuration you'll notice a unique storage hutch. The glass doors and organizing compartments work together to help it's user operate effectively.

Last but not least, this Medina interior is rounded out with an executive style wall cabinet configuration. This 3 piece setup is composed of 2 corner bookcases and a 4 door storage unit. It's really a nice touch that makes use of the office perimeter effectively.

Medina Furniture RatingThere's 3 main things that make this interior great. The first is the use of space. The furniture integrated here was strategically laid out for productivity and functionality. Style is definitely important, but operational comfort always reigns supreme. The second is the trend setting finish. The gray tone is up to date with today's hottest trends. It's modern without being to over the top. This interior offers a classy, upscale feel that's sure to make a great impression on valued office visitors. Last but not least, this Medina executive interior from Mayline boasts plenty of storage. All too often, designers create interiors that lack the ability to perform due to a lack of organizing space. That's not the case here. The overhead hutch, 4 door storage cabinet, corner bookcases, and file pedestals will accommodate the user now while providing room to grow in the future. After a careful review, we've given this interior a well deserved 4 out of 5 star rating.

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