Friday, April 15, 2016

Ergonomic Essentials: Office Products We Can't Live Without

The right combination of ergonomic products will help you improve workplace functionality, productivity, and support. Today on the Office Anything Blog we'll highlight the must have items needed to kick corporate comfort into high gear. From the smart chair to the CPU holder, we simply can't live without these awesome ergo tools.

Ergonomic Smart Chair
Office comfort starts with chair. That being said, you'll need a professional seating solution that's up to the task. This year, it's all about the "smart chair". If you've ever found it hard to master your chair functions and remember when to utilize them, a smart chair is the way to go. They do the work for you! Smart chairs automatically adjust to your body weight and move with you while operating naturally. Once you make the switch to a smart chair, there's no turning back. The ability to get posture perfect while avoid lever pulling and constant adjusting throughout the day is simply too good to pass up.

Dual Screen Monitor MountWe can't live without the dual screen monitor arm. First and foremost, a dual computer screen mounting system will help you save time when computing. Stop flipping back and forth between multiple tabs and spread your work out across multiple screens to become more efficient. Dual monitor mounts will also allow you to raise your computer screens to eye level to avoid visual strain. Ever find yourself looking down at your screens when typing? This causes serious neck stiffness that can be avoid with the adjustable design of a dual monitor mount.

Sit To Stand Desks
Sitting for long periods of time can actually shorten your life span. To avoid extended sits, you'll need an ergonomic desk that's ready to adjust and move with you. This year, sit to stand workstations have been the way to go. Brands like ESI Ergonomic Solutions, Mayline, and Global Total Office are now offering super popular sit to stand desks that are a must for intensive work environments. Sit to stand desks promote continuous movement in the workplace, reduce fatigue, and greatly improve blood flow. The ability to take your work surface up and down with the push of a button will make you incredibly versatile and ready to stay productive in any situation.

Sit To Stand Articulating Keyboard TrayCarpal Tunnel Syndrome is no joke! Today's articulating keyboard tray solutions will help you compute at the angles needed to avoid hand and wrist pain thats directly related to this common office epidemic. If you can't afford a new sit to stand ergonomic desk, you may consider the addition of a sit to stand ergonomic keyboard tray. It's really the best of both worlds. A sit to stand articulating keyboard tray will improve productivity, limit pain, and much more. No matter what, avoid wasting valuable desk space by resting your keyboard tray atop your workstation. Mount your keyboard tray on an articulating system and modernize your computing.

Ergonomic CPU HolderTrips underneath the desk to route wires and plug in devices are a real pain in the butt! Avoid these unnecessary tasks with the integration of an under-mount CPU holder. Attaching your CPU underneath your desk with provide you with an abundance of additional knee space. Having your CPU off the ground in a locked system will also protect your digital files from flood damage and theft. The CPU holders from brands like Symmetry Office and ESI are incredibly affordable. Awesome mounts can be purchased for just over a hundred bucks.

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